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  1. Clean Sheet

    how much do you want to spend?
  2. What Do Think

    I once saw yours on a travelling circus in Bolsover ............. strange but true.
  3. Id Plus Contacts

    has he?
  4. What Do Think

    well that settles it, if your not on the site your nothing ...................... and no self promoting via the facebook page to get on it - LOL
  5. http://burglaralarmbritain.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/ias-sheffield-career-criminal-or-madmen-refugee/ and who else is here?
  6. Best Van

    petrol or LPG?
  7. First Post

    yep, bloody great thing taken from a closed down dept store ............. and picture frame too for good measure. that and fitting surface contacts to A type bellboxes, still got the template somewhere
  8. First Post

    1978 I fitted my 1st system
  9. Gardtec 593

    change battery
  10. Arfur Mo

    see Mr Happy, thats what bitter sounds like, lol.
  11. Roller Shutter 1 Or 2 Contacts?

    sorry, which panel, what grade etc .......... and any chance of a drawing how you intend to do it?
  12. Arfur Mo

    strangely after changing my contact email to gibberish - the password reminder can`t find me I have my mum for that kind of back patting support. sits and waits for another abusive PM from Pete.
  13. Optima Compact Walk Test Problems

    he believes he got it sorted by making C1 active in all part sets ........................odder things have happened
  14. Arfur Mo

    place where several of the members from here get together to kiss each others butts ....................... tell each other how well they are doing, that kind of thing. Alter ego is begging to be let back in.
  15. Dome Cameras With Built In Ir

    Colin mate, stop making excuses I have the same filter as you, I`m sure Hozelock designed it to need "extra" tape. my ponds 3000ltrs and it`s not big enough for fish, your overstocked - nevermind your pumps not matched to the filter .......... back to school for you.