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  1. GJD Geiger Counter

    Strange one, the DygiZone that I installed about 6 years ago with 2 Solitaire units and D-Tect2 PIRs has started making random clicking noises. I've checked the backup battery (3V) and even done a battery-out reset but the damn thing keeps clicking usually when one of the PIRs fires up but sometimes it just starts all by itself. Anybody encountered this before? I'm wondering if it's one of the Solitaire units.
  2. Work extension and tech upgrade

    I think I found the answer. The Doorbird is ONVIF compatible so there should be no problem getting a feed to a ONVIF compatible NVR. As far as the SIP thing goes, rather than set up the door station as an extension, it should be set up as a Peer Sip Trunk (in the same manner as connecting two PBXs) then it can be resolved to a ring group.
  3. Work extension and tech upgrade

    Where is Happyland BTW? I've never been further North than Birmingham (I'm rather ashamed to say) but I have to get up there at one point, there are some who say it's beautiful part of the country ;-) Actually it's more like like £600 for the door station but if it works as needed then it's a good investment. No-one's vandalised the Aiphone DB I put in-yet. When you say PSTN intercom do you mean a closed system that uses PSTN protocol or actually connected to an analogue internal phone system? The phone system here is IP in the cloud so the second one won't work and it also needs to sound in and be controlled from each of about 12 rooms. The surgery is in France and in France staff cost is huge. As you may know in the UK employers NHS contribution is about 11% of an employees salary, in France it's 100% so 2 salaries paid for 1 employee. Upshot is not enough staff and hence the reason they are "mobile". This means that there is no 1 receptionist, rather an assistant comes to reception as and when needed (cameras very useful for this!). When the extension work is done and I take on more associates and more staff (ouch) there may then be a permeant receptionist but even then dentists often work late here and with the 35 hour week no receptionist will stay this late so everyone in every room needs to be able to communicate with the front door an control access. Compared to the cost of employing a dedicated receptionist a few grand is not a lot of dosh.
  4. Work extension and tech upgrade

    If you mean "can you connect analogue devices to the PBX" then yes, it has 2 FXS ports. Otherwise there will be 1 or 2 incoming analogue lines that I'll keep for lifeline's sake.
  5. Work extension and tech upgrade

    Oh don't get me wrong, I absolutely get that. One implantology drill in an 8 drill set costs £70 and you can only use it 10 times before it has to be replaced. My point was that even considering this commercial quality factor, the Aiphone stuff seem very, very pricey for what it is. Also, I'm not sure that office telephony stuff is exactly "consumer", more "in-between". Anyway, I may have over-emphasised this part of the subject...
  6. Work extension and tech upgrade

    Hi guys, I'm coming back to you with a bit of an update and to ask for a bit more of your expertise. Sorry if it's a bit of a ramble. As far as the CCTV goes, AXIS is looking like a winner as long as it's going to be end user configurable which I need to look into as I don't want to skimp on quality. If it's as easy to use as Techwin then there shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise Techwin or whatever they call themselves now. As for the internal pagingintercom/door entry system goes, the Aiphone stuff is crazy expensive and I mean mental! For the 10-12 station system I need it would run into thousands. For the IX/IS system its getting on for a grand for each station and the AX ain't much better but you can get audio only which brings it down a bit. At any rate I estimate between £7000 and £14000 all in. There is a more basic "dumb" intercom system they do (LEF) but the units are cheap plastic things that wouldn't look out of place in a Starchy and Hutch episode. They have no screen and are un-upgradable of course and even these cost £400-500 each, crazy! There wouldn't be a staff member parked at each of these stations (except at reception) which will be used rather as communication access points for say 4 roaming staff members (assistants) whilst moving around the building which makes those prices even more unpalatable. Why is this stuff so expensive? So as data diffusion suggested I've been looking at IP stuff and what a difference. IP phones are modern and upgradable and have nice clear screens to interface with plus the GUIs are very clear and easy to use. A suitable IP phone can be had for £50 and a PBX for less than £300. SIP door door modules go for £300 to a £1000. And all of this is highly flexible and user configurable and all in will come to no more than £1500! So I have on a table in front of me an IP PBX, 3 IP phones, 2 door stations to test and a POE switch and a router. I've set up the phones on the PBX and got some paging and intercom groups going-works like a charm! Also programmed some multicast paging groups. One of the door stations is a Grandstream GDS3710 but its got hard, unmoving capacitance buttons. The old dears and granddads who come to the door are going to get very confused when they try to push buttons that don't have any give. The other one is a Doorbird D2102V which is quite snazzy. Nice stainless front plate like an Aiphone with 720p camera and a sounder button that actually moves when you push it. Additionally there's a great smartphone app so calls can be answered in iPhones etc So the plan is to connect this to the intercom network with the IP phones and connect with the CCTV NVR to the camera to record the camera feed which will be displayed with a few other cams (carpark, waiting room) on a monitor next to the IP phone in each surgery or office and at reception. For the moment I'll continue with our IP cloud telephony provider but if I can get my head sufficiently around VOIP (reading a lot of books right now) this may get transferred over and combines with the intercom system. One little problem: the Doorbird IP door station absolutely needs to be able to have its video feed picked up by the CCTV NVR. It connects to the network by plugging an RJ45 cable into a connector on the PCB. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work? To register it on the network I have to crack open a seal on a packet to get the MAC address but presumably if the seal is broken and it won't work as needed it can't be sent back. It is SIP compatible so should be able to register with the SIP server in the PBX but in the manual it says that it calls to an IP address. I'll have another look at the PBX but does any telecoms bod know if I should be able to forward an IP address call to an extension ring group? Calling peer to peer to one IP phone is no good it needs to go to all if them. Thanks for reading this far and sorry again for the long post. As ever any little gems you can pass on are most gratefully received. Driller
  7. Rename this forum?

    Inspite of my punctual presence here, my 2p: The Member's Lounge for me has been a strange one because the name would suggest a place to hang out and chat about general stuff but a trend seems to have developed whereby specific technical questions are asked-and answers given, to the point that it's become a sort of General Security Questions forum. Maybe drop the "members" part and call it Public Lounge to avoid confusion with the general questions section?
  8. Aiphone IP entry and comms

    Saw the Aiphone rep today and had a demo of IX, IS, JP, LEF etc Loads of interesting solutions and definitely something that will do the job. Actually there are almost too many solutions to choose from, it’s going to be a headache! Thanks to Datadiffusion for the tip for Aiphone.
  9. Thought I'd start a separate thread for this as it's quite specific. Any bods here know about these two systems? Installed a DB system with 5 room stations and a nice flush vandal plate when I opened the practice 5 years ago which has been great all round and for internal communication (calling assistants etc). With the extension though it's going to need something like 12 intercommunicating master/subs. I've had a look at the spec sheets and it's seems it's either the IS or newer IX systems which will do it. The AX only does 8 stations sadly-shame that. Any suggestions for IS, IX or run away? Oh yeah, decided to not go for modding the IP phones just because the phones will be on a desk in the surgeries, not next to the dental chairs so not practical in that regard.
  10. Work extension and tech upgrade

    **** must stop going to work on Sundays...dunno about having to ride to "get" a moto GP, seeing them jostling for position at the front is instinctively exciting for anyone IMO, haven't had that in F1 for years. For whatever reason there's less sponsor money in it than F1 though. They should get Bernie in to sort it out-I hear he's available (actually best not, he'll only f%*k it up like he did F1).
  11. Work extension and tech upgrade

    Yeah it was glorious wasn't it, Hamilton must have had a massive grin on his face as he drove off into the sunset! Hopefully the Renault engine will be up for it next year but a patient who's a Renault F1 engineer reckon's they're still going to have problems, which is a great shame for the fans. Yeah the way the building is laid out means the cables can easily be pulled back to node zero to keep the networks separated. It's a pity that bike racing isn't better televised because the racing is so much more exiting but it just doesn't have that "human" factor somehow probably from lack of publicity.
  12. Work extension and tech upgrade

    Hello mate good to hear from you, yeah it's going good thanks, hope the installing's going well! Yeah Rosberg had that annoying entitled child aura about him didn't he but it made for exciting stuff with Hamilton. Hamilton's massive engine failure (no, no!) was the nail in the coffin imo. Didn't Rosberg steal all his engineers too? lol Totally agree about the aero, they need to make it easier to overtake but the aero is big business apparently so it's not going to change any time soon, big shame. I have to admit to taking some pleasure seeing Vettel throw his championship down the pan when he drove into Vestappen and Raikonnen
  13. Work extension and tech upgrade

    Dammit, it's the Alzheimers setting in, we've had discussions about bikes too (Tiger Sport here), you did some track days if the memorie's not completely shot? Actually that HD over coax could be very handy for upgrading home as the cables were a bit of a bitch to pull. For the bandwidth question I assumed the two networks would be separate with just an ethernet cable to the NVR, could have got that wrong though. There was a problem with the IP phones cocking up the computer network when the networks were connected together. Ciscos are SPA504g don't know if that's Linksys or not? It's a centrex system btw, very handy to be able to do everything at distance. Didn't know you were an F1 fan James, what do you think of the new regs? Hoping it's going to be more interesting next year but don't we always.
  14. Work extension and tech upgrade

    That sounds like it could work well and I just just found the web based setup for the Ciscos so will give it a bash-thanks! Hi SWB, yeah the drilling's going good thanks, must be doing something right as they're dying to get in lol TBH I think the easiest is going to be a rewire-it's all single storey with suspended ceilings so dead easy for pulling network cables and that way I get to sample the joy of IP. For bandwidth presumably good quality CAT6 or 7 with a clean install and decent POE switch? You still following F1? Rosberg finally got it (controversially) but it's all got a bit tedious now.