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Getting old and curious about options if anyone has any ideas

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Hiya, I have been installing security systems since I was 18 (56 now) and still enjoy the job, however I realise that eventually, I will have to reconsider crawling around in lofts and going up and down ladders, so I was just curious if anybody had any ideas for potential alternatives that ageing installers are the perfect choice for

Its possible I might just end up doing it until I just decide to "retire" or, in other words drop from working 7 days a week to just a few lol, which is what most tradesmen actually seem to do, but I figured it wouldnt hurt to explore options now before its a necessity to see if anybody had any suggestions that I might not think of



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It all depends what other skillsets you have that you naturally fall into. It's always sensible to have an exit plan, but whatever you do you'll want to prioritise enjoying it.

If it's your business, get a lad on and train him up to takeover?

You finish and find a management position that you can use your experience without the physical?

As H says above, drive a van all day (shopping, wholesalers, couriers) but consider they may have an upper age limit?

I'll think you already realised the option that you'll likely just keep plodding on looking after your best customers and wind down new work over time. 

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4 minutes ago, norman said:

We've just taken on a 64 year old guy, he'll be doing c35k miles pa, I don't see any issue tbf. 

Buses do all ages , no lifting etc , they take all sorts down here

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