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Help needed to identify control board

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hi all


moved into a property recently but the alarm boxes outside kept going off when there was a power cut/ did electrical work on the upstairs ring and the full alarm goes off when power comes back on.


I read that this is due to a dud battery but on opening the alarm i found the battery was not connected, neither was the tamper switch. there are two very thin wires connected to the + which do not appear to be secured properly top anything and io do not have an engineer code.


I can't see any labels on the board that specify what the make of the al[arm is and was hoping someone might recognise it. there is a date reference to Sept 2000 on it though. 


Many thanks



Alarm panelreduced.jpg

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No doubt Mr Happy will be along soon to remind us that it used the same metal case as the Karizma.


Probably a piece of sh#t if I'm honest, going on my vast experience. Possibly replace with Euro Mini.

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Metal work was also used for the karimza,


1 hour ago, mdavies said:

I realise it is not exactly cutting edge, but I figured lots of people have old alarms and someone might have serviced one or two similar alarms before.


Its a piece of sh#t, I'd rip it out & put a euro mini in

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2 hours ago, goncall said:

Ademco something

Looking at the rkp I'd have said the same (I know it's not now), very reminiscent of the 1070 or whatever it was called. 

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