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  1. It may be a accenta mercury... I found this post where the board looks remarkably similar.. Next job is to sort out wiring then figure out how to clear tamper warning....,.
  2. Here is the keypad. I realise it is not exactly cutting edge, but I figured lots of people have old alarms and someone might have serviced one or two similar alarms before. Bit of a longshot i know.....
  3. hi all moved into a property recently but the alarm boxes outside kept going off when there was a power cut/ did electrical work on the upstairs ring and the full alarm goes off when power comes back on. I read that this is due to a dud battery but on opening the alarm i found the battery was not connected, neither was the tamper switch. there are two very thin wires connected to the + which do not appear to be secured properly top anything and io do not have an engineer code. I can't see any labels on the board that specify what the make of the al[arm is an
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