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  1. Id second that but -25 - -30 thats bloody cold....
  2. Welcome to the site albion...... your at the right place for info
  3. You should have got there manager round and fired all the questions at him and done a rogue traders interview.....lol
  4. A little time goes a long long way.......
  5. Have you tested the sounder with other zones?
  6. With the current climate i believe if you was to spend a little time with potential or existing customers you could create more business. A quick reply to questions could earn you lots of new business but this is only my opinion.......
  7. If your asking these type of questions you really need to ask yourself are you in the right industry..........
  8. I have a set of them and there handy as hell......
  9. theres a company called dee fire who are gent agents if you need one.....ask for clive
  10. sounds to me like they have spurred of the detectors, you need to spend time on testing the cables and work out what goes where....
  11. id agree with the above......... the agility and the wisdom is the best wireless kit out at the moment.
  12. we put an advert in the job centre last week for a trainee engineer and stated over 21 only, we had to fill out an age discrimination form. Its not us who states the age but the insurance company for the vehicles..... the worlds gone bananas.
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