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  1. Could there be a different engineer code, should be ##REMOVED## but this not working? The factory reset for the user code should have gone to ##REMOVED## can't understand why so wondered if engineer code different too. All other functions like bell test and changing of user code working fine. Alarm seems as tho all the circuits are behaving like panic attack circuit, ie active all time. I've put tape over the pir's and bypassed the magnet on the door for now so at least bell box is lit and looks like alarm is working. What would be the best panel to replace this one with minimum alte
  2. Appreciate your comment and yes for what I originally paid for the system I've had my money's worth. Just the fact it was working fine until power went off was hoping it was just a matter of reprogrammnig
  3. I have the above alarm fitted by myself around 1993. Worked fine until other day when I switched power off to do a job. Alarm went off due to battery. Now has lost settings. Done a reset. User code reverted, engineer code will not work. Alarm seems to be permanent on, sensors triggering alarm when inset. When I put user code in to set tamperlight comes on. Any help would be appreciated
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