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  1. Id second that but -25 - -30 thats bloody cold....
  2. leesutton


    DM Sprite
  3. leesutton


    CCTV Dome
  4. leesutton


    BPT Intercom
  5. leesutton


    N1000 northern computers door controller
  6. leesutton


    Iclass Readers
  7. leesutton


    Prox reader
  8. leesutton


    Prox Reader
  9. leesutton


    Gardtec RKP
  10. Well guys i got a new laptop last week with vista home premium with the pentium dual core and its amazing takes a bit of gettin used to from xp but looks good so far. I spoke to microsoft and not all software will work with vista yet, Zone alarm in particular and got to try all my fire panel software yet. Just ordered a new cat 5e tester so i hope the software works with vista otherwise thats
  11. We did a job in a house out in the fields in southampton and every year they got horse flies in the loft and not known to us. So up i jumped in the loft to be attacked by hundreds of flies from all directions, so down i came and asked the customer to call the pest man as she had a contract with a company. 2 hours later out he comes and sets off a couple of these smoke bombs and says to us give it an hour and they will be dead. So up we go an hour later and all you got was crunch crunch crunch so out comes the customer armed with her hoover and hoovers them all up what a long day that was. lee
  12. Iv just read this thread and guys as iv got a funeral parlour to do. lee
  13. Im Glad your busy its just what you want when you first start out, I hope we are the same and if you want any jobs doing give us a shout, We are here to offer our services. lee
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