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  1. cheers galaxy guy thanks for your patience I will change 0S To windows 7 . 8 see if that solves the issue
  2. Driver={SQL Server};server={.\sqlexpress};Trusted_Connection=no;uid=sa;database=Dimension; galaxy is it windows 10 or just newer versions of windows cheers bud
  3. cannot connect to comms server http:127.0.01:8888/disco/?handler =common service once again thanks
  4. I got a new dell today driving me nuts I no its something stupid i will start it over again i am on the main screen com 5 galaxy icon top half box below server uknown listening
  5. hello galaxy guy I followed the above what you suggested it says front shell is not connected to Comms server connecting to the panel Is not possible Regards Paul
  6. using a old dell windows system for the serial port on back it was stuck on the page saying loading database i have system restored back to earlier point a will give it a go and i appreciate your time
  7. thanks galaxy guy the administrator what is the password bud cheers paul sorry it serial connection on the 232 port thanks
  8. add new site is not highlighted anymore tried to reboot pc still the same cheers
  9. hello galaxy guy tried to create new site it is stuck on loading database now sorry for being a pain
  10. system login user name xxxxxxxx password xxxxxxxx in the background communication server man in box server listening for call its easy with the texacom elite UDL i cant find it on this software i have enabled the remote access at keypad to direct connection 1200 baud 8N1 on the bottom of the window when site is open its say direct not connected and user manager connected am i missing something created all the site details etc
  11. hello James not sure bud its NON Dongle version its not UMS it is full access version I set it up the normal way account Number at the panel etc the version on the software 6.7 dimension will that have any effect with it not making a direct connection cheers paul
  12. Hello forum can anyone help with connection RSS to Honeywell Gal 520 dimension version 7.02 unable to direct connection it says manager connected unable to carry out any programming regards Paul
  13. Hello can any help with a copy of ATS 2000 software willing to meet the cost if anyone can help regards paul
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