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  1. Sorry I haven't been getting notifications so I'll answer each point; Sixwheeledbeast: No, it can't be. Maybe I've not been clear there are 4 PIRs and one door sensor. Each one has a 6 core going into it, they are not daisy chained. Into the control box is a 6 core from the bell box. And a second 6 core which brings in the 'switch' signal from each sensor on a single core, however I can only assume the other side of the switch is tied to ground or 12v in a mythical junction box who's location eludes me! JMS: yes they must be jointed together but I have no idea where the junction is. I will have to double check the model number. I did try a search for a manual but couldn't find one, it's a generic wickes P.O.S SJS it isn't a hash job, fitted as intended. See circuit board in first post. Panel was never moved my mum had the alarm fitted when there wasn't one before. So it is first installation.
  2. Sorry should have been more clear there is a single 6 core cable to each PIR
  3. Hello all, hoping someone can help me out. I fitted a Honeywell G4 to my house when I had it to first fix an was easy enough everything's fine. My mother then decided she wanted the same as her old wickes alarm hasn't worked for years, changed batteries etc. So I started wiring the new sensors in and there is a single wire to each sensor, no daisy chaining of tamper or 12v lines. However in the control panel which is integrated into the main box there are only two 6 core cables coming in and there appears to be a single tamper wire and a single wire for each zone on one cable then the 12v, bell and aux speaker on a second wire, see picture below How do I wire this to the accents panel which is obviously set up to take a six core for each sensor? Any ideas
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