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  1. Ok, thanks GalaxyGuy, looks like OH won't be too happy then as I will be chasing walls!
  2. Hi all, Yes, apologies I checked the keypad and it is the 680 ohm resistor I have used in the keypad. I have another quick question if someone could help me. The new alarm is in the same position as an old system. I have gone for the wireless RF for all the detectors but to avoid the requirement to start chasing into walls I am utilising the old wiring from the panel to the bell box (which is also the original). However, the bell box is not in a good position and has been located for ease rather than function. My question is are then any wireless
  3. Hi all, Many thanks for all your help it is much appreciated. I will fit the resistors as your photo shows as the panel came with a lot of resistors in the pack of which all are blue, and which I have used on the terminals within the keypad. Alarm is now operational and all I have to do now is configure the system for full set / night set, which will be my other job for today. Thanks again. James
  4. Hi GalaxyGuy, Many thanks for this, I have changed status to 'Spare' and now have an operational alarm, I knew it would be me missing something obvious!! I would appreciate if someone could just confirm if my logic with regards to the resistors so that I can just finish the installation officially. Regards, James
  5. Hi James, Thanks for the reply. Just to get it clear in my head, could you give me a little more direction on the position of the 1k resistors. My understanding is that these are fitted to the RIO Zones on the bottom of the board I have taken a photo of of my panel. As such in order to 'short' zones 1014,1015,1016,1017 and 1018 I would put resistors in the following: In the Section Marked 'RIO 0' I would put a resistor across the '1', thus relating it to RIO ADDRESS 01. In the Section Marked 'RIO 1' I would put resistors
  6. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies. I would be happy to programme the circuits as Spare in the panel, however, I have assigned these '00 - Not Active' driven from 52.1 in the Menu, but this has no effect upon the Tamper error messages. With regards to the resistors, I am happy to do this, however, I do not understand what 'zones' to put the resistors in. The Wireless RF module is connected through the RS485 terminals (not the zone terminals). So, on the G2-20 panel, I have 12 zone terminals, how do I work out which of these terminal c
  7. Hi, I am attempting to install a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 System. Having a background in electronic engineering (a degree many years ago), I thought that I may be able to install the system myself. I have used the G2-20 with the RF Portal and several wireless detectors (3 x PIR's, 4 x door contacts), controlled through a Mk7 Keypad. I have powered the main panel, the RF Portal and mounted all the detectors. I have then assigned all the wireless detectors and they all have a unique address. My issue is that upon assigning these contacts, then attemp
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