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  1. Thanks very much everyone. I've been on to Texecom and they've sent me an install guide, so all being well, I can get it up and running again. Thanks!
  2. The RKP looks exactly like a standard Texecom Veritas RKP. I'm guessing the unit is the predecessor to the VR8 - whatever that was?
  3. Hello, I've just moved into a new house and need to replace one of the detectors and add a second RKP. I thought I had a Vertitas R8 (which I'm quite familiar with), but when I removed the cover, it seems to be something else, probably older. If I can identify what I've got, I can probably find a manual and program it how I want it - otherwise, I'll have to rip it out and put a new VR8 in. Any idea what I've got? Pic attached. Thanks for any help!!!
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