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  1. tismemike

    PSU Tasks

  2. tismemike

    Contact Working Opposite Way

    The eBay description is "normally closed" To my way of thinking that means the contact is closed without any outside influence (eg magnet). When the magnet is adjacent to the contact, the contact will open.
  3. tismemike

    Cctv Stories

    I had an alarm problem on a large site, conveniently covered by cameras. I contacted the control room and told the camera operater to "give me a nod on the camera when the alarm clears". I fixed the alarm problem, and looked at the camera, expecting a tilt up and down. Nothing. So I looked again at the alarm problem, and was sure it had cleared, still nothing from the camera operater. I returned to the control room to see the operator nodding his head at the monitor.
  4. tismemike

    Electric Gate Problem

    Try this link http://www.cameuk.com/camenew/tech-docs/02_Control%20panels/ZA3_319S13/S13v31-1.pdf There is a Nottingham telephone number at the bottom of the pages
  5. tismemike

    Eol Resistors

    Thank you Breff
  6. tismemike

    Eol Resistors

    Need to swap out a gardtec 800. Can anyone tell me what panels use the same value Eol resisters as the gardtec.
  7. tismemike

    Alien Pod Dvr

    Well done Paul, I have dealt with SystemQ, and any queries have been answered courteously and professionally. I applaud your efforts to assist this user Michael
  8. tismemike

    Galaxy G2 Internal Sounder

    How have you connected the sounder...Which output have you used...and have you programmed the output??
  9. tismemike

    Road Cameras

    I did'nt mean t open a can of worms. But the responses are interesting and becoming sinister I have applied for trade membership, but have heard nothing for a while, is my application being processed??
  10. tismemike

    Road Cameras

    Can anyone give me a definitive answer on the use of the different road cameras seen on motorway bridges etc. I think the blue square boxes beside A Roads are trafficmaster(??), but what are the green boxes seen above each lane of the motorway, and other strange fittings??
  11. tismemike


    I thought you might be interested in this linkhttp://www.dedicatedmicros.com/baxall/index.htmAnd the Press releasehttp://www.dedicatedmicros.com/uk/corporat...40&cat_id=0
  12. tismemike

    Minereva Again

    I have a Minerva 80 panel with an intermittent fault. Whenever I reach site, the panel is clear (of course). interrogating the log, I see that the fault is an open cct on A + loop. The security guard tells me that the message he saw, before resetting the panel was O/C non addressed device. The A loop has 80 devices configured and sees the 80 devices both ways. Quiescent current is 2ma. I'm thinking that I'm gonna need to catch this one while still in fault condition. Any ideas????
  13. tismemike


    try www.tatecolson.com
  14. tismemike

    T 530

    Can anyone tell me what is the function of the pushbutton on the top right corner of the door pcb??
  15. tismemike

    Detector Led's

    Yes, thats exactly what happens.....so I guess its normal and nothing to concern myself about...Thanks for your reply

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