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  1. Hi Graytec Solutions are available for sub contracting work. CCTV, Intruder, Access Control, Intercom Systems. Two man team based in Cornwall BUT we are prepared to travel. My contact email address is on my profile. look forward to hearing from you
  2. Hi Two man team available for work We are based in Cornwall but we are prepared to travel. We are a two man team and provide Installation, service, maintenance and commissioning of CCTV, Intruder, Access Control and Intercom Systems. I have attached my company profile which illustrates the work we have done and the companies we have worked on behalf of. I look forward to hearing from you
  3. Graytec Solutions Ltd cover Cornwall and South West. Do you have work in Cornwall ?? CCTV, Intruder, Access Control and experience with Galaxy. One of our last projects was at the University of Exteter, The Forum. Installing Galaxy 520 with numerous RIOs and PSU RIOs and touch screen keypads. Please email me if you have work in our area.
  4. Hi If anyone requires sub contractors for the South West then please contact us. We are based in Cornwall but cover the South West We are available for any Electronic Security Installations, maintenance or service. We have ECS cards and usual insurances. Thanks in advance Steve Gray
  5. Hi I have a customer in Stockport who requires a small biometric access control job commissioning. I am still awaiting conformation of to what is currently installed. It may even be an installation but will know soon. The job is for demonstration purposes to promote more business selling this biometric access control equipment nationwide so potentially could lead to lots of installation work? Mainly around the Manchester area Access control for entering and exiting. Hand Geometry and Facial Recognition for entering into premises when authorized and fingerprint for exiting from the premises when authorized. To be networked to PC Hand Geometry System: "SCHLAGE HP-3000" Facial Recognition System: FaceID "Hanvon F710" Fingerprint: ZKSoftware "F702-S" If anyone is interested then please PM me with your availability Must have Access Control experience, usual liability insurances and great customer service. thanks
  6. Graytec Solutions Ltd are based near Newquay, Cornwall. Installation, Design and Service Intruder Alarms CCTV Intercom Systems Access Control Domestic and Commercial and Sub-Contracting We cover Cornwall and Devon and sub-contract within or outside these areas. PM us for queries....
  7. Hi Where is the locations of the work ??? thanks steve
  8. I would probably use a stand-alone system for your new units and set them up on the network so that you can view the cameras from your PC or laptop from your existing unit. If it is possible to run a cable, run a CAT5 down and then power locally ?? I always try to avoid wireless if i can .... and if you were to go wireless i would use a wireless transmitter and reciever ...NOT a wireless camera. You could even use a stand-alone DVR with 4 cameras and a monitor. Then use the output from the monitor to one transmitter.....then the reciever to a monitor at your existing unit viewing all 4 cameras. ..another option is to cable a CAT5 from building to building at high level (like BT)
  9. If you use the elmdene PSU it would need to be tampered. Best way definetely the texecom PSU expander. Unswitched fuse spur to power the PSU
  10. How about a Pyronix Belle box. Very easy to install and can be installed horizontally or vertically to keep within aesthetics of the building. They are quite cheap too . There are many bell boxes to chose from, have a look in gardeners or norbain if you have an account with them.
  11. Hi My company is called Graytec Solutions Ltd and I sub contract in all aspects of electronic security. I have just completed a project called "The Forum, at the University of Exeter " this project included installation and commissioning of Intruder Galaxy 520, CCTV x 69 pelco cameras with x 4 DM SD DVRs and ASSA Access control. This project was officially opened on 2nd May 2012 by Her Majesty the Queen. I have all the usual requirements of PPE, IPAF, CSCS, own van and public liability insurance. I am based in North Cornwall I can email you all documents including company profile and the companys that have used Graytec Solutions to complete their projects. References are available. Regards Steve Gray
  12. Hi Having relocated to Cornwall, we require sub contractors to cover call outs, installations and service around the Blackpool area. Experience in CCTV, Intruder and Access Control and Public Liability to £5M Please PM me with your rates if you are interested. Steve Gray
  13. Hi We may need to use sub contractors for our call outs in Blackpool and the surrounding areas. Sub contractors would need experience in CCTV, Intruder and Access Control. All usual requirements ie, ppe, public liability insurances. Please PM me with your call out rates and areas of coverage. Thanks Steve Gray Graytec Solutions Ltd
  14. Hi

    I am based in Wadebridge,Cornwall. I cover all aspects of Electronic Security and would like some more information please about the work you may be able to offer.


    Steve Gray



  15. Hi, what is your email address ?

    thanks steve

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