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  1. Gmail new SMTP IP address: July 2016 Change the SMTP server to and it will all work again
  2. There have been some DNS issues in the last week in your area Lymebayalarms... related to the broadband infrastructure not Gmail
  3. Gmail have made some changes to help prevent machine to machine type communications. In the T&C's I believe it says that Gmail is for personal human use. The changes suggested above currently work, but I's suggest keeping on top of any amendments if you use on customer sites... Alternatively, buy a domain from someone like UK2.net for £4 and use that.
  4. Generally, if things seem too good to be true they are... They're called clawbacks. if you decide to do it, setup an LLP and make sure you don't give any guarantees on your house etc even for the bank! once bitten twice shy
  5. Yes it supports the IP cameras in addition to the turbo/analogue channels. if/when you want more IP channels then you turn one analogue channel off to get 1 extra IP channel. At the Hikvision roadshow they said the new Turbo 3.0 does 3MP and soon to have 5MP and fisheye too! Existing recorders also support smart features and ANPR for free! On Turbo 1.0 product make sure you buy the HQHI model. On Turbo 3.0, you'll probably want the HUHI models HD-TVI is an open standard so you're not limited to one manufacturer should the worst happen!
  6. good shout, the cable length limitation of RS232 is a bit of a pain...
  7. If you could reset the development clock and have your dream integration setup what would it be? Pick anything from intruder, access, cctv, intercom, voip, gates, home automation, lights, audio etc. How would you do it? Which system would be your primary module eg intruder or CCTV? how would you interact with it? is an App a neccessary extension? Is there anything out there that you'd like to do that isn't available now?
  8. TSS


    and a customer of one of the companies I work for got moaned at for storing a 25l metal jerrycan of diesel...
  9. added for completeness of thought... so I guess I'll have to sell it all before I apply....
  10. I'm up for it! I have loads of stuff that i need to get rid of before my tax bill in January!!!! Seriously though, the question of selling to diy and products to the public was raised at an NSI training seminar last week and seems to be "strongly discouraged" A plethora of good business reasons was proffered for not selling to public but I have a unit full of old stuff.... TSS
  11. TSS

    Static Ip Or Not

    made the mistake of using BT's dynamic IP addresses for CCTV system requiring dial in... BT have a habit of doing maintenance at 1am sunday morning, resulting in loss of connection and callouts... now specify fixed IP's only...
  12. Having had a similar experience... boss needs to show the tax man beyond reasonable doubt that you aren't still using the van for private use... they can do it in one of a few ways: make you sign a statement explaining you can and can't do in the van. ask for details of your other vehicle so they can say to the tax man if he enquires that you had normal use of another vehicla and if you got caught using the van when u shouldn't that they (plausibly) didn't know anything about it! fit a tracker... personally the first option is the easiest... remember it didn't happen if its not written down, hence the form they sent you...
  13. yep I'm in, need to pay a bit of attention to segregating details/security etc to satisfy Mr NSI... Happy to help with testing etc...
  14. IMO some moderators are a must as someone needs to quickly clean up slippages like trade prices or libelous comments...
  15. Please do join the forum. But a word of warning, IF you have to call Galaxy tech Support about anything RSS or Gold related and you are not registered as having a legitimate copy then they won't help you... Honeywell are very strongly decided on non-legitimate copies of software... Its not a massive amount of money to buy if you are a business but far more expensive than it could be. regards TSS
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