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  1. depends on size, complexity & risk. tamper wise, tend to rotate selected each visit. using fsl is an advantage.
  2. yes had some really iffy faults that turned out to be earthing probs, esp in remote farms etc i would. let us know how you get on.
  3. if it was the last one to be used, then yes. (others are still locked out by system as no refresh) check induced ac & mains earthing. as for spikes, got 9x5x systems running in steel fabricators (welding!) without issue (in uk, with goooood earth) tamper. even a power down/power up without defauling should get other keypads going, just make sure they use one of the other keypads first, thus locking out the dodgy one.
  4. try cooper's new one MEN-002-0610 SD-GSM_web.pdf
  5. i'd check the clock wire between the panel & keypad, maybe trapped between keypad & backplate? clock wire missing would prevent the display from updating, pad accepting codes etc as you describe. if not sure, run a short cable to panel & hand hold the keypad etc.
  6. Wasnt so long ago twas the insurer that dictated the risk. choosing the correct type/level starts with determining the risk. Q,s. in terms of value of loss, what is the cut off from say a G2 to G3? What premium reduction for having a higher grade & remote monitoring option? What goods is the system protecting (ie ease of disposal)? Access to premises? etc.
  7. interestingly, eng who used to work with emigrated to aus, but has just returned, maybe for good. think more todo with family back here than enything. Big jump but understand has its rewards. iirc Ness amongst other kit is prevalent?
  8. looks isolated, but has got railway. worth a visit?
  9. had a link from Irish tv abt teapots per capita, cant find it, basically saying you guys prefer pot & cosy, us guys too lazy & given up these days so keep boiling & tea bag in cup. Also wonder abt ownership/capita of electric to gas kettles. Last time when staying in cork, had pint whilst waiting for kettle to boil (true - was under missus orders too).
  10. think maybe on new build or renovation, otherwise better investment in insulation.
  11. would take decades to get money back on solar panels. the wind farm was/is subsidised by (eu phah) taxpayer (danish firm made/fitted) called carbon offsetting.
  12. we also get power now from denmark & netherlands. the wind farm is software controlled from germany. they are (not the french cable) linked to the grid via i o grain where protests just been cos new coal fired planned using tech that hasnt been developed yet. freq also changes due to phase matching.
  13. old vt but still apt, maybe more so as we start to rely(?) on alternative (to hyro) renewable energy. Largest wind farm in world (whitstable) aint no good if in doldrums at the end of corrie etc.
  14. bog std quotes no probs with paper unfortunately getting more complex ones & turning up on site with item(s) forgot (composite to vga converter today - to make use of server monitor not one we supplied), hence looking around. what i like about paper (all in own folder) is i can spread the lot out and get overall view, whereas on pc, one, maybe two sheets at a time. dont just mean installs, also looking at history of site if issues. thats prob just me working in old money .
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