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  1. many many thanks to all who helped me out with this one the alarm is now working properly(as much as it can for this model!!!) I indeed had to link out the unused zones as follows:- red=+ve black=-ve white=switch switch was held to negative under normal so linked white to black on all unused zones many many thanks again to one and all spence tate (and his happy dad )
  2. im a sparkie would that qualify me to join the trade section? I ask as i am being asked frequently to do varuious alarm related jobs snd could do with all/any extra info i can get my hands on and if so how would i go about joining?
  3. no probs at all ill do that aswell in the morn how do i post it on here though? just spotted youre e-mail on bottom of last reply should i just send direct to that?
  4. thanks ill try that in the morning and post my results many thanks for taking the time to help and all others that posted if it transpires that i need to have all 8 connected how can i short out the contacts as suggested before bearing in mind i only have 3 cables on each plug red/black and white? I ask as only 1 pir is required to cover the house in question many thanks
  5. hi im having probems with my security master alarm aswell see my thread for details if interested however the manual with mine states that master code is 2222 but be aware that this is able to be changed by user so best of luck
  6. yes lurch all instructions are in english and got 4 pir's and 4 sets of magnetic contacts with it the manual gives details on how to set entry/exit delays for the individual zones but does not specify any further i have set zone 1... the only conected zone to have a 1 minute entry/exit delay as this is the pir covering the area by the entry door giving time to get in to unset alarm any ideas? also there is no mention anywhere about whether or not to use all 8 zones and what do do if you dont!
  7. sorry i'll elaborate the panel beeps as each key is depressed however the manual then says the panel will beep every 10 seconds (i think) untill last 20 seconds when it will beep twice each second until end of exit delay (which i've set to 1 minute) however none of this happens???
  8. its one my dad has purchased from e-bay about £40 i believe so obviously well cheap however it was brand new still in shrink wrap so i'd expect it to work unfortunately no zone has'nt been isolated quadruple checked that possibility!!!
  9. during the walk tests the panel clearly shows zone 1 triggered when i set the pir off and so would assume that signal is present. all the zones are pre wired i.e cable alresdy attached to the magnetic contacts/pir's and simply connect to the panel via a plastic push-fit plug as such how would i loop them out? thanks for the quick response spence tate I forgot to add its an unusual set up as theres only 3 wires from each pir/contact red/black/white as opposed to the 6 i'd have expected to see!
  10. Hi all new to forum hoping you can help....I have installed the above alarm(securitymaster tp-800 8 zone pre wired alarm) however in the installation only 1 zone is required the pir switches(light flashes) when i try to arm the system no beeping is heard to warn of the setting also if i hide out of the way and deliberatly trip the sensor alarm does'nt go off can anyone help me? my only thought is that as its an 8 zone alarm and im only using 1???? sorry for the long 1st post....please help!
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