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  2. They don’t do that, it’s all theirs
  3. Aaahhhh , makes sense if they already sub there firmware work out to texe
  4. Come on man , not good queen's English , just having fun old boy , jolly good
  5. Today
  6. I suspect @al-yeti may be taking the piss....
  7. I suspect Orisec will be looking to sell-up as soon as they get a decent share of the market. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the sold to Texecom
  8. al: Take a look at the security guy on YouTube, you'll see some of Logans collection.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Bells appear to be unstable and disappear offline when wired on network mode. Smartphone app is hit and miss, reporting unknown panel when connecting. Wireless panel CP40, losing volume level All issues occur after about a month or so, there are a few other small niggles that I’ve got noted, nothing major but still pain in the ****. like I said, I like the company, like the products, as do the customers. I’ve visited the factory and had a full tour, they’re a great bunch up there BUT Something isn’t right. The issues were getting are causing headache and financial loss.
  11. As above maybe some examples would be nice, I am sure people here have seen plenty of tat or have it lying about.
  12. I’ll see what I can find. Anything particular? Older the better?
  13. I contacted Our local company security alarm services awhile ago however the email i sent never got received. Im thinking of going to the company's office to ask there
  14. contact your local alarm co(s). & ask for 1st dibs on any shite in their bin ?
  15. I was wondering if anyone know where i can get a old bell box's from as i collect themm I have tried ebay but no luck
  16. What sort of issues on software.and firmware?
  17. We installed a small amount with a view to monitoring their performance. The panels are a total piece of piss to program, the wireless is idiot proof. However there appears to be gripes within the panel firmware/software. It’s a real shame considering, customers loved it for the ease of use, I liked the total simplicity of it, but being called back to 12 out of 15 systems isn’t good at all. To to be fair, Orisec have jumped all over the issues and offered replacements and free kit as compensation, but it’s not about the free kit.. we just want Fit and forget, until service due that is. I have explained this to them and made my position clear, I’ve made the decision to pull the panels, we will continue fully with detectors and sounders
  18. Considering the hype around the stuff for the last few years, I have never seen a system in the wild. Or know of any companies fitting the controls as standard.
  19. I’ve stopped using there panels now,
  20. hi i used Risco aswell, but use Orisec W-CP40 wireless system now, i really good, Installed 6 so far and Customers are very happy with it. Risco is good, but i think Orisec will take over the UK market very soon. Customer Service ^ Technical Service are Very good.
  21. It's likely you need to set zone 1 as entry and remove the default guard on part set like H says above.
  22. Last week
  23. On hkc you can't access engineers without user authorisation everytime via the keypad. The bells thing is non compliant and an issue I have if you use the default bells only option. Engineer access needs authority regardless of proper comms etc
  24. Out the box z1 is an instant alarm when p set
  25. What sound should I get on entering through the entry zone whilst on part set? I was expecting a beep but I get a different tone as if the key pad has gone in to alarm.
  26. That's weird man On hkc , if the system working on app, customer would get a notification "engineer here" If system is set you can't access, if system unset you still get that notification , even with engineer access always you get internal bells locally and remotely until you press a key So customer would hear something Codes can't be viewed though
  27. What other product is offering out the box certificate based UDL via IP which is defaulted to be accepted by the end user every session ? (G2 radio stuff for the domestic market)
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