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  1. Well if your concerns are gunuine then thanks - only reason I posted here was for reassurance and the added fact I knew I'd get a quicker answer over the weekend than waiting Monday to speak direct with Kentec. Yeah not sure where conventional come about but it's all addressable.
  2. Yeah I don't get your point in the post though? The fact someone is unsure of something on manufacturers line of equipment doesn't mean I'm any less capable as the next man in getting it working correctly and tested and to regs.
  3. Another simple question no doubt... Not worked on a Kentech panel before (not sure on model either) but have a job Monday to change numerous Apollo sounders to there weatherproof versions same type of device but has a higher IP rating from what I gather. Will it be a case of disconnecting the device, silence the fault, replace the device with the same address & protocol, reset the fire alarm all done? Or is there more to it i.e. re-learning the loop due to a new device being added. I would of thought as long as my addresses are like for like it the panel will sense the same device has been refitted on the loop? Any insight would be great. Thanks,
  4. PAXTON Configuration utility issue

    Ok sound but the problem is I can't actually open the configuration utility tool as it just sticks on the "searching for devices" before loading. I am back on site Saturday so will try what you suggested.
  5. PAXTON Configuration utility issue

    I see, so you configure it with your laptop and put back on the customers switch then detect through the software as per normal procedure?
  6. Hi, For the paxton experts... I don't really use it but have had to install Net2 today with the configuration utility tool, all went well except when opening the Config utility took it just froze/remained searching for devices on initial opening. There is a unit on the same switch with a DHCP IP address (I think, haven't seen what it's picked up yet, this may be part of the issue). But surely after some time it hasn't found anything even if there is a problem the tool should still open encase I was to input devices manually. doesnt seem to be getting past the first initial search and stays searching for 5/10 min plus then I've cancelled the search.. Anyone experienced it or know where I'm going wrong. Its been installed straight from paxton website this afternoon so all versions are current.
  7. Iv found a beacon that goes down to -50c Would a beacon solely be sufficient without the sound? Is there regulations to say sound has to be primary and a flashing beacon as a secondary visual?
  8. Ah ok, yeah understood nice one.
  9. Yeah it is specialist, its almost like a blast freezer, I don't believe staff are in there when it goes down to those levels but regardless the sounders will need to be present when they are inside at say -20c. Yeah I'm sure that would work but cant find the sounder capable. What's a PSI by the way? Having not been to site I'm interested to how its wired as just been checking the FP200 spec & that's only rated down to -20c. I will update once I know more.
  10. Been called to a new site where issues are being had with a fire alarm which has had XP95 sounder beacons installed 2 years ago into a blast freezer/chiller area. The area gets down to -38c. The sounders are starting to go into fault & the spec says -20c I think. Anyone know of any XP95 sounder beacons that can withstand the low temp OR a solution with some sort of enclosure which can keep them ambient temp but the sound not affected. There around roughly 10/15 sounders in there but are apart of a 120 device loop.
  11. dedicated micros DS2

    Display or no display it can sit on a network and be accessed via NetVu, you will need a display to configure the IP details or if it's set to DHCP you could potentially find it through the NetVu software under Temporary Image Servers and go from there into the configuration pages. *Keyboard only operates a local screen unless you also have remote screens connected via NV1's (pick a point system for instance) *from memory, may be wrong.
  12. Maglock on wrong side of door

    To some degree but its main purpose is staff audit trail and access reports of certain areas, so having said that the staff aren't likely to be barging there way into the next office.
  13. Maglock on wrong side of door

    Ah ok, interesting... Does this apply to new installs as well? If there is no risk on an internal door, no issue as such? * in the eyes of NCP-109 is it still uncompliant?