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  1. Is anyone aware of a front end VMS that is compatible with dedicated micros DVRs? Weve got a multisite system that are littered with DM, slowly but surely there looking to migrate to a new manufacturer (undecided on which yet) however they wish to view all cameras seamlessly whilst the switch over continues. They could use netvu and another piece of software as a viewer but slightly awkward as all sites are watched by a security team 24/7. I looked at milestone but doesn't seem like DM work with them... maybe a small portion of there downfall.
  2. Manufacturer & model if possible?
  3. Difficult when you aren't familiar with the wiring route or mid-way point of the loop. In simple terms, you need to half the loop, multimeter to find which leg has the earth fault, half again until you narrow it down to a device or a leg of cable. First of all I'd check all devices on the loop for the environment there in - certain ones may stand out, water ingress is a common one from my experience. Rear of chillers for example when the cable entry hasn't been sealed correctly causing a difference in temperature and the condensation sets causing the device to get filled with water. It may save you time with a bit of common sense first of.
  4. Multimeter calibration

    Does this affect the calibration period?
  5. Simple question - how often should multimeters be calibrated? Annually? 3 year?
  6. Galaxy Grouping Query

    i'll be on the phone to Galaxy first thing anyways but thanks for the start...
  7. Galaxy Grouping Query

    Nova, This is a takeover, looking at the programming on the managers code i.e. display zones the communal area is A1...? Seems to be working fine. Not saying your wrong by the way... I'm struggling to work out how setting logic would work in this instance... Any pointers?
  8. Guys, See pic below... We're hoping to group users in two... - Panel Galaxy 48 User type 1 - A1 & A2 User type 2 - A1 & A3 User type 3 - A1, A2, A3 For instance if User Type 1 (A1 & A2) sets the alarm, how do I get the galaxy to prevent setting A1 (communal) if A3 isn't yet set. Basically I need last one out to set A1... Likewise on first entry, the user is to unset A1 & there selected area. I have read the manual and seems like Group Setting Logic is something to do with it, seems straight forward but is there anything else that needs looking at/considering?
  9. Are there any regs that state the max amount of rearms that are allowed on a PD6662 system? Likewise bell timer I have in my head 2 rearms max and 10 min bell timer but not sure where this figure comes from?
  10. I'v never done "service" as a job role nor does our company hold any intruder maintenance contracts... Can someone confirm the steps to what's required as a bare minimum when doing a PPM. Im thinking... Walk test every device Sample test some tampers depending on the size of install Sample test resistance on devices again depending on the size of install Battery calcs (batt volt, current in alarm, current in standby, batt charging volt) all signals to ARC inc comms fail both paths? Set/unset where possible Bell test, test bell tamp, remove power Check no rearms, entry timers, exit timers, bell duration, reset levels Compare as fitted install to specification Fill out maintenance log... I'm unsure so add, correct or remove anything to help...
  11. Well if your concerns are gunuine then thanks - only reason I posted here was for reassurance and the added fact I knew I'd get a quicker answer over the weekend than waiting Monday to speak direct with Kentec. Yeah not sure where conventional come about but it's all addressable.
  12. Yeah I don't get your point in the post though? The fact someone is unsure of something on manufacturers line of equipment doesn't mean I'm any less capable as the next man in getting it working correctly and tested and to regs.
  13. Another simple question no doubt... Not worked on a Kentech panel before (not sure on model either) but have a job Monday to change numerous Apollo sounders to there weatherproof versions same type of device but has a higher IP rating from what I gather. Will it be a case of disconnecting the device, silence the fault, replace the device with the same address & protocol, reset the fire alarm all done? Or is there more to it i.e. re-learning the loop due to a new device being added. I would of thought as long as my addresses are like for like it the panel will sense the same device has been refitted on the loop? Any insight would be great. Thanks,