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  1. Anyone else without a guess? "Fault - depends on fault" - How can you set different reset levels on different faults on a Galaxy for instance? "Line Fail - user / manager / engineer on some" - Why some, what differs?
  2. Guys - looking for a definitive answer on the below reset levels for any maintained alarm, if different for monitored let me know. User, Manager or Eng? System - Tamper - PA - Line Fail - Fault - AC Fail -
  3. Are you in the industry or DIY? *answer to question - connect one black wire to RED, one to BLACK. Earth goes to a similar earth.
  4. It's a progressive time delay, it creeps throughout the year. Starts of bang on, then as time goes by the clock wanders behind.
  5. Read the manual, still clear as mud. How do you know how many seconds you need to gain when the time is out by 15 minutes? The parameters of seconds selection are 1-120. I think I'm reading it wrong, could you explain please?
  6. Where is the adjustment in the menu?
  7. Any idea why? I'm finding customers using the log to go by for evidence purposes I.e. A break in but it isn't aligning with CCTV footage nor access records and looks a bit shoddy.
  8. I'd imagine £50-£150 somewhere in between.
  9. Has anyone else had problems with Galaxy's RKP time not being correct & even when corrected over time they creep out of time sync. I am forever correcting times on the RKP's knowing the time has been set correct as I installed the system. Seems to be across the board.
  10. Thanks.
  11. Sixwheel - would you advise from using P2P on a CCTV application for commercial?
  12. Hi, noticed a feature on the Dahua DVR (P2P), which requires no port forwarding etc... 1. How does this work 2. How secure or vulnerable does it make the network or cctv when enabled thanks.
  13. Does anyone know of an IP intercom system that can have 4 external call buttons each going to a different PC to be answered per department.
  14. H guys, See photo... totally unsure what "low output" means, its on a sounder address. Cheers,