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  1. Subby - employed

    It all depends on your circumstances and whats included in the offer. You will have guaranteed monthly income and sick pay (maybe), however you loose the ability to control your work load. Is 34k all in including on call, how often you do it, what do you get for a callout. Can you use the van when not working?
  2. Fused spurs

    You just have to be a competent person to fit a fused supr providing it not in a special zone such as a kitchen of bathroom. You need a test meter to check for earth fault loop, rcd test, insulation test etc, and have to issue a minor works cert for the spur. Tavcom in Southampton do a day course for it.
  3. Ip Cctv Cameras

    Ive used UNV before, its ok, does the job at a fair price, have had no faults, and is only available to trade.
  4. Ip Cctv Cameras

    With Hik the prices are just a google away. First thing some customers will do is check and moan about the profit.
  5. Old Garage Alarm

    Sounds great ,you would be still be making £5 maybe £10 profit on this job if you fit cheap equipment. Who wouldn't want to work half a day for that.
  6. gsm dialer recommendations

    lol I probably could..... I'm just not a heartless c***
  7. gsm dialer recommendations

    **** me.... it s a old dear with bugger all cash, who just wants something to call someone if the alarm goes off. Maybe it would make great business sense to scare the **** out of her and sign her and get her to sign up to a grade 4 monitored dual path system with monitored cctv ?
  8. gsm dialer recommendations

    What's wrong with a sd1. Alarm activates, sd1 dials out customer informed?
  9. gsm dialer recommendations

    Exactly Norman, hence why I am asking the question on a professional security forum. Haven't fitted many myself but thought I would seek advice. Nothing worse than fitting ***** that you keep getting called back for.
  10. gsm dialer recommendations

    Might have a look at the digi air and see what the costs are like. Have use them before when I have been doing contracting work, they are a good bit of kit.
  11. gsm dialer recommendations

    al ill have a look at that one,
  12. gsm dialer recommendations

    The customer is a old dear not a lot of spare cash. Old system and doesn't want it upgrading otherwise id stick a lightsys with module in. TBH I'm not looking to make a real profit on this one,
  13. Can anyone recommend a gsm dialler to fit to a customers alarm. They are ditching the phone line and just want something to dial out using sim card. Have used the risco one before but is a bit pricey. Just need something basic and reliable that can call and maybe text.
  14. Never go with the RAC for van insurance. Had someone crash into the back of me F.....G the van up. Spent 6HOURS on the phone through the day trying to process the accident, being passed from different company / department only to be told by the people who sort out the repair and replacement vehicle that they wont do anything until they have fully investigated the claim. Wasn't even my fault! The guy who crashed in to me was with LV, so took up their offer of sorting it all out. 30 min later all sorted.
  15. Thanks for the reply, I should have said ft rather than meters