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Paradox K37 and StayD Problem

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I have a wireless keypad K37 and a wired TM70 connected to my SP6000. I have the following StayD problems with the K37:

1. In Babyware, I can add a StayD entry point zone for the TM70, but not for the K37. In the dropdown menu in the K37’s StayD settings, there are no zones listed.

2. When StayD is activated, the K37 no longer allows me to fast exit or fast arm. If I push OFF or ARM for 2 seconds, there is a beep, but the system remains in STAY. Only if I push OFF or ARM and then enter the master code, it allows me to exit. When StayD is not activated and the system is in normal STAY mode, fast arming or exiting are possible.

Is this a programming mistake which I can fix, or is this a normal limitation of the K37 (I have two K37 and both have these issues)?


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And the patented pending always armed thing would be a huge issue Regulation wise here. The idea has merit but needs refining.if it was somehow linked to ha or presence reporting though 

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