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Rechargeable, 3.6/7V Li-ions not working in roller-blind garage door sensor - why?

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Just got some Fenix 3.6V(and also tried some old Trustfire 3.7V's) instead of the installed, disposable Li-ion cells, thinking that they would work just as well in my parent's Crocodile garage door sensor. 
Both brands of rechargeable cells will only allow the door to partially open, about 10-20cm, when the remote is activated and then it comes to a halt. This results in the door being unresponsive to the remote with warning beeps and light being emitted from the main wall mounted panel. 
Anyone know why re-chargeable Li-ions, on the face of it, don't seem to want to work in the door sensor?
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Not sure specifically what kit your on about but it's common for rechargeable cells to have a little difference in voltage and capacity compared with non-rechargable.

Specifically for Li-ion rechargeable batteries they may have some short or overload protection that is kicking in.

Is it suppose to work with them? What type of cells are we talking about here?

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Find out where Tommy Walsh lives & go & piss though his letter box.....


Or just buy the correct batteries for the product ?

Mr😀 Veritas God

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