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Hey guys! just got approached by my neighbour who's part of a BNI group and invited me for a session tommorow, and wanted to ask what your opinions are about BNI and whether they've helped you?



Jayson K

CCTV Distributor of AcuraPRO and Samsung CCTV Equipment -

Trade Customers: www.acurasystemsdirect.com

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Lol, my accountant told me about them, she went to one, very odd any they were more interested in you selling (by cold calling) BNI to other businesses!


Although I'm a big fan of face to face these kind of groups do seem a bit anachronistic in the net age...

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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Getting up early every week is a killer though.

I'm sure. There is no way on this planet I would be out of bed at that time unless someone was paying me a guaranteed (large) fee. I don't like being woken up before 9 as it is.


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