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  1. Check out the 8 Channel from AcuraPRO buddy!, its got all the networking and CMS included along with SMART search. You can see the feature set list on the website. Jayson K.
  2. + 1 with Rob! SDI is generally more robust and although costs are getting more and more competitive we see more and more installers adopting HD-SDI without any queries. There's so much out there though, HD-TVI, CVI, AHD the lot, it's just getting harder for installers to make a solid choice.
  3. We were looking at them aswell but it doesn't add up when you get the same output out of a Linx compared to the Surface. The surface is a sweet piece of kit though.
  4. They are very good mate, the low clock speed on the processor is off putting but it takes on most of the tasks our computer does but it's really portable, weighs the same as an ipad air and has 32gb inluded (upgradable to a lot more via micro sd)
  5. Guys there's a new tablet we use which is called Linx, not expensive at around 170 for 10.1 inch and supports COMS, and a USB slot to plug in adapters or anything you would In a conventional computer/laptop. Come in 7/8 and 10 inch.
  6. Hey James could you check your direct messages please mate.
  7. We have been trading since about 2012. But incorporated in 2013 as a limited company as things started expanding and growing very quickly and we thought it made sense. We have consultants and advisors onboard to ensure everything runs smoothly, this is all of protocol especially when working with certain manufacturers such as Samsung. We have been trading since about 2012. But incorporated in 2013 as a limited company as things started expanding and growing very quickly and we thought it made sense. We have consultants and advisors onboard to ensure everything runs smoothly, this is all of protocol especially when working with certain manufacturers such as Samsung.
  8. Unfortunately we don't do accounts - we did this a few months back and this lasted 1 month when we realised a lot of customers have different priorities. We always tell our customers about the guarantees we have and if customers still need accounts/trade credit, then we will refer them to other companies. We don't really need to sell as the equipment sells it self, we've built our company with a strong philosophy and Having many friends in the security sector means I know exactly how everything works. Think of it as distributors for installers, designed by installers - without the trade credit haha. What we do offer is free next day delivery, Advanced replacement warranties and many other trade goodies which allows for making our installers lives a lot easier.
  9. Just to answer your question regarding inventory and storage. We operate from Home along with a small office in Rickmansworth with a lot of our stock stored locally, we offer Free Next Day Delivery, Free Same Day delivery for our local guys. but also have secured contracts with BA and are using their distribution centre to be able to serve for our clients throughout Europe, so to answer your question - No this is not being stored in my 3 Bed Semi pahah We have a large scale network going on thanks to our strong partners and suppliers.
  10. www.acurasystemsdirect.com

  11. Hello Guys! That's me - Haha. Yes I am 20 Years old. But don't let that fool you. We have guys that are double the age that work for me. I have a strong passion for CCTV which is something a lot of the guys on this forum know. Thank you for the Kind words steven_w. It's hard being a director at 20 Years old as funnily enough we have trade guys that look's at me pondering. But they've tried our equipment with some calling our team up for advice and great no nonsense equipment. We have plenty of friends in this market and we offer 2 Years Warranty on our equipment along with 30 Days money back guarantee. We always strongly insist that we supply goods to Trade but not so much DIY. DIY customers get a service where we put them in touch with our trade installers - this way they get a kickback. Check out our corporate site, www.acurasystems.co.uk They are some of our retail clients. We won't list everyone as it can be sensitive especially when competitors are prying. We are open to that. Give me a call anytime, Ill be happy to have a chat even if you don't need anything We will also be sure to supply you with trade references so that we can provide you with assurance. P.s I'm the only young one here, But feel free to pick my brains over a telephone call! You'll be surprised! Have a good weekend. Jayson Kandiah Managing Director at Acura Systems Group.
  12. Hi guys I've been inactive on this for a few days purely because I've got problems with my account, a few days ago I went to the themes option at the bottom of the page and changed the theme thinking it was another layout to test it out but now it's completely effed it up. The whole layout is different but I can't really see any content, any ways to revert this admin and moderators?
  13. they are asking for £1500 every year....
  14. Hey guys! just got approached by my neighbour who's part of a BNI group and invited me for a session tommorow, and wanted to ask what your opinions are about BNI and whether they've helped you? Thanks Jayson K
  15. Wait so they dropped it from 5.50 to 2.00??
  16. What's my name got to do with quotation guys! Pahaha
  17. I have researched and i can't really find much. I'm doing everything cctv from homes and businesses and offices and computer services. what do u think?
  18. so if thats the case guys, then what kind of accreditation shall i go for? so that i can do some work for businesses and school etc?
  19. thanks for the reply mate! does all your customers ask for the accreditation? we are a new business and currently dont have many cctv customers compared to our computer clients so im thinking waiting then registering for SSAIB or silver, what do you think?
  20. Hello All! Hope everyone is good! Finally a trade member! Anyway, another question from this corner and that is, we are a fairly new company operating for nearly a year as a company and i work from home ATM with our own engineers sent out when installations come by. I just wanted to ask whether accreditation is worth it, and SSAIB or NSI Silver, I wanted to get silver but the way companies are split up between silver and gold is something i'm not too fond about. Dont get me wrong, My installs are great and ive heard before and the gear is brilliant aswell but the bad ones normally get pushed out of the trade because of their wrong doing to the customers. I want to go for silver first then ill go gold after but SSAIB or NSI Silver. what are everyone's experiences before and after accreditation and do customers demand it? Regards Jayson
  21. Brilliant, for that mate has been a question on my mind for a few weeks now but finally know!
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