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  1. I think you're getting norm mixed up with Jef.
  2. Hah, Not fair on the average working man is it? What would you do?
  3. You're **** at this forum admin lark JW.
  4. Every public part of the site is viewable and can be posted in.
  5. So if you are a qualified spark and decide to do something else for a couple of years are you no longer trade?
  6. James why don't you fix the 'Trade Only' section that doesn't work on any area of the site instead of enforcing (what is in this case) a pretty and pointless rule. You want some members not to be able to access public yet the feature has never worked. Good luck Joe, glad to hear all is going well for you.
  7. They always gave us spares in the past.
  8. We have spare Dualcom gprs units, are you saying you can't have spare digi airs and just swap the sim and NVM?
  9. Most firms wouldn't sell monitoring and expect to fit it on the day anyway. Connection forms etc.
  10. Lol, messer if ever I saw one. Any more than 3 and you're just wasting time.
  11. Not as much of an issue as a lost docket.
  12. Top copy for us. Most miss that all important 3rd that should stay in the book.
  13. Press bypass once, hit it with a hammer as hard as you can, then press cancel twice.
  14. Sounds like a nice solution, website is sh!te though. You need thicker skin Clive
  15. Leigh I would ask yourself how many monthly subscriptions do you have (sky etc.) ? Do any of them seem more important than a subscription that can protect your home and everything inside? Starting from around £25 per month I think it's a no brainer.
  16. If I'm out of the office you rarely get an email reply from me and never at the weekend. I leart pretty quick that customers are like pets, they need to be trained.
  17. Jesus, this is why we have ended up where we are.
  18. We have sold over 6k worth on ebay. Don't be undercutting me you Jock *******.
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