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My Aching Nones

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Hi all,

Had 3 grandkids stay over New Year, knowing they were Comming I spotted a rock band game with drum kit, guitar and mic for £40 on flea bay and bought it. also got the beatles rock band and lips cd's (all for Xbox 360).

Has to be said we had a real ball with it, not a cat left within 5 miles of our place, I can hardly talk due to all the singing I attempted to do, my arms ache from drumming and my fingers are numb from playing the 'guitar'.

Superb fun, if you have kids or grandkids just go buy a set, best vfm I have ever spent on the festivities including spend on food and drink etc.

Adding to that, I had the bright idea to get dance 2 for the WII, my 7 year old hiphper active granddaughter, simply don't understand the effects my advancing age has on my joints and stamina, bloody nigh killed me.

So what have you lot been up to that caused your near demise?


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too much beer nearly did me in. well certainly the next morning.

Kids arnt old enough yet to want to do stuff like that. But im sure ill get it in the future

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12 hours of stella on NYE

NYE, seems to be the hot new abbreviation round here, lol

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