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  1. Of course they do, generally grade 2 EN50131 with a bit of PD bolox thrown in. Why the daft question.
  2. insurance premium has fook all to do with it, very few insurance knock anything off and if they do its twenty quid.
  3. if your stating on your p work that it is designed and installed to EN......... Then it does, just because its not monitored does not mean it doesnt need to be installed to EN......... Now i could go on one about the bolox that is EN, but i wont lol
  4. site name is for when it texts someone.
  5. It was down to me that you or your design team come up with that diagram as you had **** all before, you had to bench test and get back to me. I believe it was then uploaded on your website - so i was told from your end. Plus point, the lad i dealt with was spot on, i even sent a thank you email the day after. Off the top of my head, it may have been yend 24, i can check if need be. Whats that supposed to mean? IIRC it was yend 24 and the yend 75 terminations are different.
  6. but tvi is analogue, would the humblocs not allow the signal through.
  7. Polarity reversed on one of your connections.
  8. Mines buzzing away quite nicely thanks.
  9. Would be good, ive been thinking i should be teaching myself VPN, am i correct?
  10. rx40's or similar, annoying as .... Good detectors but i wouldnt have them.
  11. Im a security engineer, get me out of here.
  12. I bought some shoe covers for the first time a couple of weeks ago from toolstation, what a bag of ****.They rip just putting them on.
  13. Fook the teeth, nothing wrong with a good gumming. Ladies only.
  14. Reckon thats over now. Would you do london?
  15. lol, ox - ive got a service visit for you. Oh, seems we are talking the same person.lol
  16. Great value, easy installation 2 Feb 2016 By DeeDee62 (read all my reviews) , Bedfordshire " This is a great effective system that is easy to install. No screws needed except for outside box/siren. It is great value and can be extended over time. Definitely recommend this product. " 6 of 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful?YesYes|NoNo|(Report Review)(Report Review) Share this Review:
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