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  1. BASS

    Scantronic 9500 advert

    The 9500 panel always a panel close to my heart. it was very advance for its day!
  2. BASS

    Csl Dualcom Digiair Gprs

    We've been looking at the Digi Air range to phase out digital communicators. We've been looking also at the Redcare Solo. The Redcare Solo has the ability to interrogate the control panel to amend the control panel where needed and service. Will the Digi-Air support this?
  3. BASS


    Is the panel in the toilet?
  4. BASS

    Detector 1

    Used to love these in the hay day. excellent catch performance!
  5. BASS

    Scantronic 9800

    Wouldn't like to service that with that Master Blaster next to it. Hate em
  6. BASS

    Guardall V12 Dual-Hex Pir

    Thanks Oxford and guys managed to find my login details for guardall
  7. Does anyone have the installation guide for this please Thanks
  8. BASS

    Bell Wiring

    From memory Don't really use these product a lot from gardtec panel to Pyronix bell Sab Tamp ----- BT Bell hold - B- Bell + B+ Bell - BA Strobe - STB I think thats what they are going from memory though so I'd approach with caution.
  9. You really should have gone for something like Yale or Responses kit's. It sound to me you haven't a clue what your doing and have bitten off more than you can chew. My advice really is get someone in to do it or send it back. As the premier is a proffesional panel which we use for most of our install's. You may damage the panel if you don't know what your doing mate
  10. BASS

    Ade Ultimate Replacement

    Gardtec and Texecom Premier with 60IXD expander will cater for the wired biscuit not really a gardtec user but the premier is an excellent panel. Also think castlecare do the same again not sure. If you want to stay with the same manufactor which was ADE now Honeywell you can use the Captiv8 Panel but not sure if these are still being manufactored. Although we used to use the Wired Biscuit quite a bit many many years ago most of our installation have had these replaced with a more reliable double pole resistors.
  11. BASS

    Galaxy G3-48 With Touchcentre

    Wouldn't mind trying this dimension out. We've got one on order to have a look at
  12. BASS

    Sisters House

    get them online for instance Alert Electrical just click the link
  13. BASS

    Bt Inspiration With Bts Featureline

    We use Merdian Norstar with our company and wouldn't change it for the world.

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