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  1. GlendaleEngineer001


    UPDATE - Camera is still working well, we have a picture to post of the camera inside the defib. Image was during a heartbeat set on the app. So far so good
  2. GlendaleEngineer001


    The app shows us a projected battery changed with almost like a speedometer showing the battery usage - around 2 years dependent on usage and heartbeat frequency etc. We will keep an eye on this, may not be 100 percent reliable as only testing but will be getting serviced throughout its lifespan
  3. GlendaleEngineer001


    Well we hope not..
  4. GlendaleEngineer001


    Recently, we got an Oculi camera that have just been released. This camera is fully functional off only a sim card and a battery - no other source required. Using a roaming sim and a data plan. Currently being used to overlook a defibrillator in a local town, and so far doing well. We have altered this slightly to what we needed. Instead of a PIR activating and recording on a public path - activated through a contact onto the box from the inside. Using the app will take a short video of when the contact activates, notifying you and storing for you to look at. Heartbeat set up so far to only once a day giving a 3 second recording of view from inside the box. Going well. Looking forward to finding out more and how much this camera can really do.
  5. GlendaleEngineer001


    Hi Mjtee, We may be able to help you out if you get in contact with us. Would be great to offer you a help in this situation. If you have no luck, we cover mainland Scotland. So should be able to get to you asap
  6. GlendaleEngineer001

    Pyronic Home Control Plus not sending push notifications

    Hi Petet, Are you able to set the alarm and unset the alarm from your phone?
  7. Glad your faults are now resolved! Have a nice weekend,
  8. GlendaleEngineer001

    Gardtec security panel stopped working [help request]

    Hi FuzzyDunlop, Finding a reputable service engineer may take a bit of time. Your best option would be to get a couple of quotes from a few, find out who is offering all of the basics you need to be covered for. There are 2 main types of services; 1. Service only - Much like an MOT on your car, you will only get a once over the check everything on the system is working at that time. 2. Maintained - Covered for one service per year, call out charges are covered for (24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year, or as close to), parts coverage for any faulty parts and no excess labour charges. I would gather a few, make up a comparison and choose from there. But be weary and look into contract lengths and T&C's aswell. Thanks
  9. Hi Scott, We deal with Risco products for all of our installs. Usually in these types of situations we would replace the sensor (assuming the customer is an existing one either maintained of installed within 12 months) as it sounds as though the sensor may be faulty if it is eating the battery this fast. I would go to your installer and inform them of this as it is under 12 months old, and it is showing such faults. If you ensure the battery is the same as the original inside it and it is all positioned in correctly. In regards to the maintenance, we offer our customers a maintenance coverage where it is a free 24 hour call out, no labour charges, no parts charged, and we guarantee the batteries for up to 3 years. This is what we would say should be a maintenance contract. We will only charge customers a call out if it is due to malicious damage or accidental damage. Other than that, we will fix it for them as soon as possible. The wireless systems do seem to be more pricey for the sensors. But, you should be covered under a 12 month warranty period with the installer as you have bought the goods of them.
  10. GlendaleEngineer001

    Hello World

    Hello Everyone, We are the Glendale Securities team based in Kinross, Scotland. A family run business since 1990, spealising in CCTV, Intruder alarms, door entry and Fire systems We will use this form to help others out - as well as occasionally ourselves, we are always happy to help! If you have any questions that we can help you with then let us know, as there is a team of us please note there may be differences in the way we do things, every engineer has there own tricks! Here's a bit about me: I currently work in the office here at Glendale, and I am personally using this forum to learn more about security systems, as well as connecting with people with the same interests. I started working here in February 2017 with no previous security system experience, and loving it so far! I usually answer calls and speak with customers directly, and enjoy learning new information from the engineers. E Love to connect with you all, The Glendale Team Glendale Alarms and Security Systems, Family run business since 1990 - Always happy to help!

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