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  1. Hi all, looking for a security engineer in the Sheffield area. Intruder/cctv/access (texecom/galaxy/paxton and hikvision) Installs and service work. Get in touch for further details.
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate your thoughts but all thoroughly checked before asking for assistance. NOW SOLVED!! monitoring station!! Hours of torture but now resolved. Thanks for the input though. Cheers.
  3. Hi Sean, have you managed to 3any work? Can you send me your email? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I've got a com ip which has been working perfectly until now. NO SIGNALS at all being sent to the monitoring station, fitted a new com ip and reprogrammed all settings, cross checked settings with other working com ISP's that are still signalling and all correct. Texecom tech have no idea at the moment. Anyone else having any issues with these com ip modules. If anyone has any fixes for this I would appreciate any replies. Thanks in ad ance.
  5. Hi all, looking for a subby with experience instaling/maintaining texecom. Extra work means I need more engineers. If anyone is interested then get in touch with me. Let me know rates and experience.
  6. Hi, just enquiring to see if anyone needs any subbies for intruder, access and cctv. I'm based in the north east and can travel. thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys, i was doing a bit of subby work for a few years then got taken on full time by the people i was subbying for and regretted it ever since!! 500 miles a day is enough to drive you up the wall!! onwards and upwards though, going back to subby work me thinks. Been looking at a few posts on starting your own alarm and cctv business but i can't compete with the big boys so i'll just keep it small and simple.
  8. Just wanted to say hello, its been a while since my last.
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