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  1. Hi..just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent app for monitoring a Galaxy panel? Cheers
  2. I had a 12 ah battery installed, changed it now to a 7 ah, does it cause the PSU to work harder to charge up a bigger battery?
  3. Hi all I have a G2-20 panel which is randomly setting off, when I look on the log it has the detector which triggered the false alarm then it will always have Batt Mis proceeding the alarm. I have checked the battery but it still does it, is this a faulty panel and if so what is the new equivalent of a G2-20 as I have read that they are now obsolete? Cheers
  4. Evening all Does anyone know if dual techs are suitable to install where there are cats and a dog or will I have to install the petwise detectors? Just wondering if I am barking up the wrong tree!!..couldn't resist.
  5. I have a customer that wants a panel that will unset at a certain time in the morning after a night set, as they keep forgetting to unset and set the alarm off every other day. Does anyone know of a panel that can do this?
  6. Correct the 2's don't..you have to have either keypad or fob, not both. (Honeywell technical)
  7. Evening all I'm trying to have the dual focus (pin and prox) operational on the g2-20 but I'm struggling to find an option to set this up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Hello Are you still requiring contractors for the Northwest area, I have been tring to email you personally to give you my details but keep getting an error code? Thanks Dave
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