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  1. Hello just been in touch with the install company and they say they Never lock codes, so,it should have worked, unless they somehow can change the default code to something else.... i mentiond the Pyronix Deltabell Plus LED Backlit External Piezo Sounder Alarm Bellbox Bell Box Blue would thos be a straight replacement , don’t want to get involved with resistors etc.....may do,the bell box myself.....then once my money saved up enough, will h for the rest, by an installer company, have already been in touch with two from the links given thanks
  2. Thought that too but 6 digits still no good.....will look at the lists probided thanks
  3. Yes I will have the bell box replaced, but wanted to fix it for now, plus it would be interesting know how to fix thos
  4. The number I used was 88888888 so can’t try combinations LOL...... dont think it was ever locked, as the install company told me how to default it...... think there is a jumper that achieves this but I don’t suspect you will be able to reveal that, even if there was...... had a look for alarm installets, is there a recommended list for Essex ? thanks for all the advice so far have one other question, again don’t answer if you feel you shouldn’t tell me..... but it when I checked the bell box battery, the two colour LED in the cas
  5. Wasn’t under the impression it was a commercial size panel......I have the original spec sheet, would that help ? this started off with just a power down default, to reset the engineer code and maybe one new KP....seems to be escalating... I will arrange for 3 quotes...... has anyone any ideas about the engineer code not being reset, based on the info I provided ?
  6. Hello no one has been near the panel,since I changed the engineer code myself.....worked fine for years then suddenly wasn’t there anymore......defaulting the device reset the master code, but my number and the default number do nothing....the original installers actually told me how to default the panel to restore engineer code.....so not locked in anyway......I removed the PIR and the powers supply came out and sparked, then the panel was dead.....so the PSU was stopped to,the unused phone dialler module........ so the oanel has had a PSU fault, the outside box is falling a
  7. Thanks i agree, I am also very fussy with wiring, there is only one way, the correct way.. the keypad dispays have now now reverted back to time and date...??? i know you said this forum isn’t to reach people how to,install alarms, but would,like to,fit a new bell box myself, until I save up to get the rest done... looking at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0105Y55QO/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I3NLCN459QEJT5&colid=9W5E32SIOQWC&psc=1 do you agree with the choice and is it a straight swop ? If you don’t feel able to,assist me with this,
  8. I removed a PIR a year or two ago for decorating and a wire came loose and shorted out the panel PSU a local alarm installer jumped the supply to the PSU Of a phone dialler I had fitted but never used..... but it works ok.......he said it couldn’t really be repaired, that was the best he could do.......so,I thought maybe it should be replaced.....my original problem was that the exit KP occasionally displayed system busy ( or maybe in use ) so was told it was either the KP faulty or a corrupt program.....maybe a full power down and reset would clear that, but not sure if it would.
  9. I will get a picture of a PIR inside, meanwhile I was given the engineer code by an employee, unofficially.....I easily changed it to what I wanted, then, as I said, the engineer code just vanished after using it for several years...any ideas ? you say it’s more expensive due to the number of sensors, does that mean each sensor needs ‘ modding’ ? also on RS website the 600 is listed as discontinued.....any ideas on a good alternative, or is this still good ? could see what the installers I ask for quotes suggest..... as a side note, I decided to test the sy
  10. Thanks for the info and prices....is everyone agreed the 600 is the way to go ? 8 PIR’s 8 Smoke detectors 3 door contacts Defaulted the system reset the master code, now changed to one I will remember ..but engineer not doing anything...I have never locked the engineer code I have used the one I changed it to several years ago without problem, then one day it was gone... is there a jumper i can set to reset this ? thanks Ps does it usually like like this inside the control panel, so many connecting blocks ...
  11. .?? How much for a panel and two keypads, I have no idea......and a typical install time and hourly rate.... My electrician friend has changed his mind, have two alarm installers local, but they very seldom reply to emils could do with a recommendation in Essex SS8 area
  12. Going to try and keep the existing alarm working until I can afford a gardtec 600 or similar...just the panel and two keypads... just powered down my 800 and attempted to default codes master code now at default but entering default eng code does not bring up an engineer message i changed the engineer code from that provided, many years ago, but somehow the system ‘ forgot it ‘ so can’t be locked I assume ? thanks any ideas please ?
  13. Thanks, for all the help will stick with wired, seems sensible and as you point out cheaper and more reliable.... i need a new panel and two keypads.....so if the consensus is a 600 I will go with that... Could you explain the EOL reference ? Sounds like end of line....... i live in essex, any suggestions for an installer ? thanks
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