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  1. Hi Mate, I may be able to help. Give me a call.
  2. Not sure if PM/DM working for me at the moment, so might be best just to contact via the company website. Cheers
  3. Looking for experienced alarm and CCTV sub contractors for installations in and around North Manchester and South East Lancashire (Whitefield up to Blackburn). Please DM me or enquire via Fox Alarm CCTV & Access Systems website.
  4. Looking for a partner or investor for the acquisition of a long established north manchester based security company. Very well known company in the local area, the company has been trading for 20+ years. Consistent turnover of £300k+. May suit small company looking to grow or an experienced industry professional wanting to make the move from employment to business owner. Looking for a partner with technical and installation experience to act as Technical Director. My background is sales, marketing and compliance and my current business can provide a full back office function if you can provide the technical expertise. Strong business plan and excellent potential for growth. Please contact me for further information. Serious enquiries only please.
  5. Hello Mate, welcome from a fellow newbie. Where in the country are you?
  6. LeeC


    Hello from a fellow newbie.
  7. Hi, i am new to the forum and looking to make an SSAIB application myself over the next few weeks. Is there anything about the process that you can share? Thanks
  8. Norman, the icon has just appeared on my profile after i had completed 5 posts, so i guess thats the trigger.
  9. Hi Peter, Very little personally, but i am up for the challenge. I am partnering with individuals who can bring the necessary expertise whilst i embark on a very steep learning curve.
  10. I think the likelihood is that we will try and stay away from sites that have a fire requirement, unless they are well known to us on the insurance side. I think it unlikely that a client is only going to want to move intruder without fire etc and as a new business i dont really want to be saying that yes we can do your intruder, but oh no we dont do fire, its not the message we want to put across. We are looking to build in a slow and considered manner as we add the necessary expertise and i am sure that fire will follow in due course. We may consider partnering with someone on the fire side, so i would be interested to hear from people who may be interested in that.
  11. Thanks for the input, something to think about before we commit. No plans for fire just yet, we have enough business lined up for intruder, but its something we need to look into as we have already been asked to look at sites that have both and we are not going to win contracts offering half a service. Thanks Norman, but i am not seeing that picture icon in the bottom left for some reason, but no worries.
  12. Thanks. Apollo Insurance in Accrington, they are a commercial insurance broker. No accreditation yet, i had an uneducated look at both SSAIB and NSI and SSAIB seems to be a little less demanding, so bearing in mind our need to get up and running ASAP the path of least resistance seems the best way to go. People may have a different experience? I am sure it is something that we will review again as we move forward. Something we had considered was trying to acquire a small accredited installer in the South East Lancashire / Manchester area but the difficulty is identifying those businesses. Is there somewhere on TSI that we can set out our stall and advertise for businesses for sale or to make contacts with sub-contract installers? Still struggling with the profile picture, the window that opens when i click on LeeC is just a menu, i will try in a different browser and see if that makes any difference.
  13. Hi all, we are Fox Alarm CCTV & Access Systems a new company in sunny North Manchester. Backed by an insurance provider we are hoping to carve out a modest living here in the North West and beyond. With insurance customers nationwide we will be looking to recruit sub-contractors throughout the UK and obtain SSAIB accreditation. Lots to do... Can anyone tell me how to update my profile image? Many thanks
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