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  1. Ahh sorry JW - Didn't want it in my sig as non-trade can then see it and it was for you guys to have before I disappear from trade Will check my PMs now in case full, it might just be down to status flux (will go and reverse the polarity and see if it helps).
  2. lol Not had time recent;y - But I have been doing a lot of similar writing up on Hacktivists and criminal gangs using online space to try and get rich.... Nothing changes in that the same principles in physical security apply online - path of least resistance still happens and common sense helps a lot. I will be writing more again soon though. lol #palmface Thanks for all the kind words guys - Again though, don't think badly of anyone enforcing a rule - I am happy to be non-trade as I am by definition now ex and rules is rules (Excepting Matt ofc ). I will be happy as
  3. btw - You know these industries are going to converge eventually anyway right? Don't you guys read the blogs
  4. Would be good to catch up again Adi - My number is still the same Don't let the role change cause any arguments guys, I said previously I am happy to be non-trade given the changeover I would still like to help answer any questions I can though based on previous experience so if there is a way to do that in an appropriate way then it would be good. Lifes too short (like norm) 'J
  5. Hi Guys, Been a while and I miss the banter with you lads. Just thought i'd stop by and say the new role is going very well indeed - I'm now playing a key role in infosec with Santander and I am loving it. I've been able to get very involved at the deep end pretty quickly and have been working with other companies as well so there is a lot of variety in the role. Working locally (Leicester) at London rates and with only very few trips to the capital. I still keep my toe in the industry and have been doing some work on electronic security still - specifically on the software /
  6. . We should be utilising Dual SIM card devices to improve security and resilience... As anyone in the Electronic Security industry will be aware, there have recently been many reported intermittent failures across all of the current Major Network Operators (MNO's) such as T-Mobile and Vodafone Some of this has been the result of MNOs upgrading their services to support 4G signalling (In some cases re-purposing 2G bandwidth for 4G services). Other outages have been due to planned maintenance work in the majority of cases. A small number have been the result of unplanned and unforeseen techni
  7. Gesture controlled laptops on sale this year in what will be a very similar advertising potential for laptop users as with Smart Camera enabled TVs
  8. I used to use the MVPS host file - Which was handy. Also used Peerblock to acheive the same. No real preference but any site I use more than twice I always ensure ads are blocked unless it is a site I want to support (Like this one).
  9. When this first rolls out there should be some good opportunities for hardware hackers to get rid of ads and make their own remote inputs - This opportunity will be reduced as TV software is updated and TV software developers up their game. Good links thanks Cubit. I agree that it's better to have relevant ads - but I don't want to just see the same old adverts for the same old thing all the time. There needs to be a degree of entropy to allow you to see something outside your normal viewing habits or else nobody will explore and will just live in a bubble of sameness.
  10. Please use this post to discuss the blog entry: An Uninvited Guest In Your Living Room... A bit of a diversion from the usual security aspect in this one but I feel like it makes an interesting subject to discuss. Say goodbye to your remotes ...
  11. ...Is 2014 the year when we will see the death of the remote control and the introduction of 24hr monitoring inside every living room? For many years TV manufacturers have made the bulk of their profits from the selling of increasingly minimised hardware at reasonable profits. This has been supported by innovations such as increasingly larger screens followed by LCD,LED,HD,3D and 4K providing yet another “next new thing” to allow them to sell a combination as yet another new TV to those who always want the latest available technology. This has provided substantial profits to the likes of Sams
  12. TekeEye is integrated into Sentinel Plus - So most UK ARCs can support it without relying on SMTP via Immix. The tech contacts i've spoken to seem pretty on the ball and the issues we highlighted were mostly all addressed reasonably quickly.
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