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    Slight frequency difference I believed.
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    sold via B&Q & incompatible with the 500r
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    They seem to have had a bit of an odd history with alarms, looks like they were a bit more like ADT a long while back, then went to just consumer, and are now back trying some pro installs.
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    a radio alarm from 25 ish yrs ago-]
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    We've just published a blog about why these alarms are not great. Stick with graded wireless or wired if possible. If you look on my personal site, you can see what I think of the various systems. https://www.pentestpartners.com/blog/alarm-systems-alarmingly-insecure-oh-the-irony/ The short of it - easy to jam, easy to replay disarm signals, you can sniff the PIN over-the-air if you use a remote keypad, you can brute-force the PIN as well. I reported these issues to Yale 4 years ago.
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