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Old Shorrock 1500

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Andy your digging up some old threads,

however this is the oldest powered detection we have in the field


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I remember those Dave, Ive seen much older detection including flushed in ultra sonics in a Brighton seafront house owned by Hancock's (Half Hour) Brother

But I remember queing up in local Police stations to put alarm systems on test, and a reset was putting a needle on the begining of a record, or reseting an eight track

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SUNTHORNES!! (made in Aldershot I think) Yes, used to service loads of them in the late 80's and 90's.

I remember the BELL TEST button, which was really just a Normally Closed button that removed the power to the external sounder!

No bell timer, had to fit a seperate PCB inside panel to time the bell to 20 minutes.

The cybertone sounder drilled into the front of the panel which gave you three tones. A continuous whine when you tried to set the system with a zone in fault, a wheeee-wheeee-wheeee for setting and unsetting and a lower faster tone for alarm.

You couldn't set any of the zones (with exception of Exit/Entry zone) as "entry route", instead we fitted relays inside the panel which was connected into the E/E sounder to short out the relevant zones during Entry and Exit time.

The zone cards, each of which had a Green LED for "ON" (not isolated), Yellow for "Zone in alarm" and Red as a memory after an alarm activation.

The really old ones,the isolate button on the front panel used to toggle the Green LED off and on, but it was updated so that the Green LED would come back on when the keyswitch was turned back to off.

On the front was a keyswitch and a large piece of darkened plastic where you could see the LEDs of all the zone cards.

There was also an expansion board where you could fit loads of zone boards and have up to about 30 zones. There was one of these fitted in Jabro Cash and Carry in Luton (is it still there? this is about 20 years ago now!!) before it was updated to a 9500!

Wish I had a photo of the panel! (I don't know why, just memories I guess!)

Matt (not from Vidionics anymore like my username says)

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On 6/23/2005 at 21:17, magpye said:

Oh dear, started something here didn't I?

Well if we are all going to reminisce what about A&G BS80, AES Autodial 271L, G.Lowe PC39, MGR100A, Sesco S190 Control, Spectre Euromaster and more and more and .......


What happy memories!! with A&G, AES, and Graham Lowe,were they from Oldham? I grew up using a basic panel we called the 41a and 43a they were a very well finished box with a quality lid (magnetic strip on) the 41a was a shunt lock and the 43a had a basic EE timer, indicators were green clear, red fault, yellow call engineer, (extra red lamp for the 43a) Yale key barrel, and a bell test button, does anyone else recall these, in two tone grey. They came via Shorrok I think.

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1 hour ago, norman said:

I can't remember what I had for breakfast!

Nurse come quick he's forgetting stuff again 

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