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  1. Fastalarms, There is no point trying to convince any of these muppets that the Yale is any good. Fact is the systems we fit are far superior in every way. Like you say, I know there is a niche for this system as there have been many times when people have turned down my quote saying it's too expensive. Personally, I would not fit any of these DIY type systems for various reasons, I get where your coming from though and wish you luck with the business. These forums are full of people spoiling for an argument or just wanting to put someone down so don't let any of the comments bother you. It's a great source for info, advice etc.
  2. As long as you bring back all the customers you nabbed! Good luck.
  3. Your not kidding. I am really miffed that after forking out good money on IDTVs over the past year, I've noticed picture quality is poorer. Such as the picture becoming pixelated at times and also updating slowly when the scene pans. Also with digital TV there seems to be no room for a bit of interference, anything such and the picture freezes or sound disapears for a second or so. (Sorry for hijacking thread) Also used to fit the small black system Q cameras that Dave mentioned. Very good I thought - in terms of reliability etc. A bit tight sometimes especially if the backplate wasn't perfectly flat. There must be loads of them out there wheer the fiddly screw in the middle has been replaced by a 1.5" screww straight through and into the wall.
  4. I've seen a few of the old Group 4 panels (various models - don't ask which ones) and have the displeasure of having to service these twice a year. Never get called out to them though.
  5. Did you get any response Eddie? I'm after the customer manual if possible, or failing that does anyone know how to program the second user code?
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