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  1. Go for texecom the backlit bells look much nicer
  2. Hi Paul. Thanks again for the the help so far. Was great to finally visit and see the full range on display in the shop. I've built the setup on a test bench. It works great apart from the echo / talkback. I'm using the normally closed relay on the VoiceOff to route the audio back into the DVR and it just gets caught in a loop of switching on and off. Even the sound of the relay clicking is enough to cause an echo! The problem seems to be that the DVR audio out includes whatever enters the audio in as soon as the mic icon is selected on the app. Is there anyway to configure it so that it's audio out only comes from remote talkback? The speaker icon on the app doesn't seem to do anything, instead the mic button enables two way audio. I assumed that the speaker would toggle audio in and the mic would toggle talkback? Thanks Dale
  3. Not a spark. Primarily residential a few commercial. Hoping to get SSAIB next year so I'm trying to concentrate on paperwork a lot more to get ready, whilst still finding the time to do the actual work!
  4. Thanks for replies everyone. Very interesting. From browsing the forum I'm coming to realise I'm very soft with my customers! Got caught out a few times when they have supplied equipment and I end up making less on a job. So if you don't do a breakdown, how much information goes on the spec sheet? Make and models or just PIR etc? I like to give brands and say its the best equipment to help win jobs, on the other hand it allows them to source elsewhere.
  5. That's a lotta screenshot lol I've never really used suites but afaik you deselect use keypad areas and the keypads area assingment will correspond to the suit instead of the area. So your upstairs keypad could be a suite which does area A & B. Then set area a to auto part arm so that it part arms as you don't open the door. However auto part arm is a pain if you ever want to arm via the app. I would personally not bother with suites (maybe because I'm not experienced enough in using them!) and have house as A, garage as B. Keypad in garage does B and keypads in house do A. Disable part arms for B. Master user codes with local attributes so you can arm garage from house if you forget etc. If you have a pir in the garage then use its 4 cores for the new keypad and wire the pir back from that keypads zone terminals. If you have money to spare and want to fully kit out the garage with bells and smokes etc get a PSU200XP. Should be cheaper than getting all wireless. Alternatively with no garage keypad. Maybe set B to auto arm after say 30 mins depending on what you do in there. Keypads A. Master users A&B, local arm and darm. Take off disarm first. Now the keypads will control A, and only B when specifically selecting it. The garage will automatically arm itself once the door is closed and no movement for 30mins. Then the garage is already armed when you go out or go to bed. Just select to arm or part arm the house as normal without worrying about garage. If you get car out garage, disarm it, arm house, drive off in car knowing it will rearm after you've gone. Could even try defered arming to get it to arm quicker. Not sure how this works with quick settings. Or have a seperate code for just the garage and assign each code its own area. Hope that makes sense and I haven't overlooked something.
  6. Quick press of part button always does part 1. Only way to have another part in any situation is manually scrolling to it (unless u have a corrupt profile like above lol). You can add any zone to any and all areas. Personally I put fire on area they are in. Sounders all areas if u want all to sound wherever the alarm is. Do you already have wiring to garage or a wireless expander? New wireless expander and wireless keypad come out next week.
  7. When only arming some of the areas it shows the part arm text as only part of the entire system is armed. A feature that annoys me. However as said you really should have the house as area a and the garage as area b. Then use part arms within area a. Also means you can then have the garage armed throughout the day and auto arm it etc
  8. Thanks Paul that's fantastic! Would you still be able to supply me with a VoiceOff PCB as I like the idea of using its relay to stop the talkback? The cable run will be about 6 or 7 meters. I plan on having all the kit at the DVR end. Will alarm cable be suitable over this distance? Thanks Dale
  9. When you send off your quote, do you give the client just a total price, or is everything itemised? Also, do you show the price of parts and labour separate or is labour worked into the price of each item?
  10. Yes but take screenshots of each page first just in case! You often get weird errors like this when you don't default nvm especially on a major update.
  11. Did you default the panel?
  12. I've installed quite a few domestic cctv systems with no monitor where dvr is in the loft or cupboard and customer won't fork out for one as they're using apps. Admittedly I used my test monitor to program it which made the menu super tiny! I gave a tongue in cheek answer no if you really want you can get by without a keypad but as a minimum you need wintex to program it so need to buy a com lead, ironically annoying as the comwifi is a com device!!! I agree though asking that sort of question makes me think OP should be reevaluating what he's doing. I'd be more impressed getting the comwifi to integrate with the detectors without using a panel as per original post!!
  13. Yes I know its very daft, I did say strongly recommended. As a diyer the cost to buy a usb cable is half way there to a keypad. I often use engineers keypad or wintex to configure until I get round to connecting keypads, especially if a live panel. But op asked and I needed a 5th post to apply for trade lol I'm sure some unique installations somewhere won't have one and might use keyswitches or whatever.
  14. Thanks Paul that would be great. If the doorknox does turn out to need an amp then a voiceoff pcb would be great as I can put that in the kitvault with the dvr. Thanks
  15. Thanks Paul I appreciate the reply I suppose it depends on if the amp is in the doorknox or the monitors. I'd already priced this mini add on job up as 2 of your sales chaps were adamant it was possible. I know the Voiceoff would work but its very pricey for a talkback only speaker on a domestic property, plus I have to fit it somewhere. If I can get this working the way I like with just the doorknox then I will start pushing it to new customers as it's the sort of thing they all want, and there is a gap in the market for something that ties in so nicely with the dvr. Thanks Dale