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  1. integrate door entry camera with dvr

    Hi Dale. I will get Mike to call you on the mobile, it will help speed up any diagnostics as he did the testing for you here at SQ. Cheers, Paul.
  2. integrate door entry camera with dvr

    Hi Dale. Yes we could if you PM me your details I will email you the VoiceOff PCB only cost. I have our electronics designer who is looking at some amps we use for other applications to see if one of those could be adapted as it would be smaller and neater solution. Cheers, Paul.
  3. integrate door entry camera with dvr

    Hi Dale. I have got the tech guys to do a few further tests and they say it will produce some sound without an amplifier, but as thought its too quiet to really be of any use. Ideally you would need to use a basic audio amp and they have drawn up a schematic of how it would be wired. You could get a basic audio amp for something like this perhaps online? I will have a look if we have anything that small and simple that would do the job and let you know. Paul. DoorKnox Audio and AlienDVR.pdf
  4. integrate door entry camera with dvr

    Hi Dale. In regards the direction of audio. I think it may look for what to do with alarms and sound based on where the audio line sits in reference to ground, but I need to ask the tech team as to how it exactly works. It may be possible for you to create a solution yourself but I can check next week what the possibilities are and you can choose. I would agree the VoiceOff is a tad big for your application. We are designing a new case for it so it will be “prettier” but that will not reduce its size. As a last resort, if you are stuck we could supply you with a VoiceOff PCB only as we manufacturer the VoiceOff in house. (this would be lower cost) This may allow you to hide it somewhere else and drive the door cameras speaker via the VoiceOff? Paul.
  5. integrate door entry camera with dvr

    Hi Dale. I’m not sure if there is way that you can do this just with the outside door camera unit and DVR as I’m not sure if the outside unit contains the correct amplifier as the DVR itself doesn't have one. The VoiceOff unit does indeed have an Amp so the support team would suggest this. I’m not in the office today but will be late on Monday or Tuesday so I will check with the tech team what data we do have on it if you wish to create your own solution without the VoiceOff. Paul.
  6. PLANET CCTV alias System Q

    Hi Steve. I had a look at our logs of your account. 2008 was the first time you ever traded with us. You placed two orders totalling £xxx In October 2008 you put your account in to dispute as you said you had already paid us but we hadn’t received any payment cheque or otherwise from you. In November 2008 you did send us a “replacement” cheque. Your account was not closed or removed. In 2009 you placed a further order for £xxx At the end of 2009 your account was closed by RBS whom we use to collect our sales ledger. They closed it through lack of use but would re-open it if requested, they could not justify retaining an account and maintaining credit check for your 3 orders over this two year period. All account that are not used are closed after six months of inactivity, and if someone wishes to re-open an account we will gladly instigate this and for you also. In 2011 you placed another order with us for £xx which you paid for by credit card. Whilst I apologise if you feel your account has been miss-handled the above is an accurate record of your trading with us. Paul.
  7. Hi, please can you contact me regarding a cct715 system, i need a copy of the viewer software and need to know what size flash card the system can handle. Please email me back at daniel@fusionet-leisure.co.uk, Kind Regards Daniel

  8. Alien Eko Dvr

    Hi Neil. I will see if I can sort a different fascia for you if you want it. The fan will come fitted and will have been connected and tested. If you have asked for the unit commissioned silent it will be disconnected, if not it will come connected. , Paul.
  9. Alien Eko Dvr

    Hi. Power supplies- We supply them all with a fan so that customers can connect it if required. (BTW its already fitted in the unit, not loose in the packaging) Please note the power supply is external to the DVR this is because when its built in to the DVR case it needs to be the PC style that also has its own fan. The external power supply can easily dispipate its heat just through its own case. This means the EKO can be totally silent. There are two case styles because some customers liked the Prolite DVR case and as the EKO is almost identicle to the Prolite in features it makes sence to enable those customers to carry on supplying the equivenlent of the Prolite at quite a cost saving. The second case was simply introduced as an alternative to give installers some flexibility is style and branding. As the second case is lower cost to manufacture this unit is £10 less on the trade price. The Eko will be in the next catalogue that you should receive I believe at the end of this week or early next week. If you PM me your email I will send you a PDF of the whole alien range in features so you can compare. , Paul.
  10. Ir Sender/repeater

    Hi. As per my comments on my first reply you can put the units closer together if you wish but you may require additional directional antennas. Everybody has genuinely tried to help you and be courteous to you and nothing else, this both before you have posted your comments and after. David said he did speak to you yesterday and did apologise for any misunderstanding about the product instructions. His actual call log is as below. I will ask David for your contact details and call you. Paul. <<<<<<<<<< 18/07/2011 16:53 David-Hewitt >>>>>>>>>> Alan says that he is not happy as he has just been told by technical that he needs to separate his receivers by at least 5m He said that this information should be in the instructions I have told him that I agree the information should be in the instructions and I will check and if it is missing I will make sure that it is inserted <<<<<<<<<< 18/07/2011 10:20 Lisa-Sperry >>>>>>>>>> Spoke to customer having issues with the MITKIT, transferred him through to technical to try to resolve the situation - follow up
  11. Ir Sender/repeater

    Hi. I am sorry that you are not satisfied with the VideoMitters. Since its launch we have sold just over one thousand units on a sale or return basis, just one pair has been return to us. If you are dissatisfied with them you are very welcome to return these items for a full credit, no quibble. I have spoken to David Hewitt who spoke with you yesterday. He said he would look in to the instructions of the product and if information was missing or misleading that he would see it was included/amended asap. David said that he informed you of these intentions also. If transmitters use omni-directional (transmit in all directions) antennas they do need to be kept a reasonable distance apart. As I guide line I would suggest 2-5mtrs for low powered radio devices (such as the VideoMitters). If the transmitter is higher powered this distance increases. If however the transmitters use additional directional antennas then you can bring the transmitters closer together as the radiated transmission will not spread to the transmitters situated adjacent to each other. The actual design of the system taking in to account all the components used and the site conditions will truly dictate what can be situated where. As the Videomitters contains a full hand shaking routine with two way communications then the “receivers” need to be thought off as “transmitters” for design purposes. They have been labelled receivers so that engineers understand which device to put at which end. Perhaps this two way transmission has been a confusing point for which I apologise. We call them receivers to help installers understand what to put where and not to mislead. Regarding the transmission distance they will do 200m line of site on open terrain, ie ideal condition with the antennas supplied. With the external antennas they will do up to 1KM. You indicated that you had only got 40m in a basement so if you can elaborate more then I could perhaps try and help identify if there are other environment conditions at play, with such a short distance and line of sight is there a reason you did not cable as it would generally be the most cost effective option if there is nothing in between two points in the same room? local environmental conditions can effect all radio equipment. In the London bombings the fires services radios didn’t work underground in the tube stations for example. Similarly, other transmission equipment and the structure of building can all have a detrimental effect on range, however this can be easily overcome with the addition of external antennas. We are working on producing a an RF design guide as when installing radio transmission equipment there is a host of factors that need to be taken in to account and product instructions alone can not not teach all the skills and can cover ever scenario that will crop up. RF installation design is both an art and a science meaning you can have rules for installation but they will still not definitely work on every site which is when the art of the installer is also just as important as the rules of the instructions. I hope this note goes some way in rebuilding your confidence in the product and I can add that they have been used from farms to prisons with great success where other transmission products have failed. When I have finished writing this guide I will send it to you to see if you think its comprehensive. , Paul.
  12. Alien Eko Dvr

    Lofts get extremely hot in summer (I used to be a sparky working in them so I know!) so I would only use the DVR with the fan connected in this instance. Even with a fan connected I doubt if it could be heard from a room below the loft. If you have an account with us you are very welcome to trial the unit prior to purchase, all account holders have this option. , Paul.
  13. Alien Eko Dvr

    Hi. The new EKO dvr does have the same GUI as the AlienUltra and AlienProlite. The EKO has been introduced to allow installers to compete with lower cost units without sacrificing picture quality. The main differences with the EKO to other AlienDVRS is the EKO only supports up to two HDD's, (so currently 2 x Tb =4Tb capacity) and it does not have the loop through's that the ProLite has. The PCB inside the EKO has been reduced in size and component count with means that it is possible to use the EKO with no internal fan as it generates less heat compared to the Prolite. The H264 compression algorithm of the EKO is slightly improved which means the picture quality for the same resolution setting compared to the Prolite gives a better picture quality. The change in the EKO's H264 stream means that it needs a new mobile phone app to render the images. As we had almost finished the Android App this is the one we have done first and is now available (Direct from us and from the end of today from the AlienDVR website). We are now finishing off a new version of the IPHONE APP that should go online at the APP store in about 10days. The android app now has relay control built in and also direct recording from up to 4 cameras or 4 DVRs simultaneously (ie. 4 channels). When finished the IPHONE app with have these additional features also. Paul.
  14. Ir Sender/repeater

    Hi. I would imagine that you have this sorted but for reference we offer a solution with Video transmitted in one direction and IR data in the other. Its manufactured under the brand name VideoMitter. If you want details visit www.videomitter.com The websites under development but a useful PDF can be downloaded that gives some examples of its use. , Paul.
  15. Bnc T Creating 2 Feeds From One

    Hi. If its the AlienProlite, this already has video loop throughs, this would give you the video split. They are on a separate plug-in cable loom on this model, if you have lost or misplaced this item let me know and I can send it you. , Paul.