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  1. I have an IPC tester that I bought from videcon a couple of years ago it does analogue & iP and looks exactly the same as this... Does anyone know if the firmware can be upgraded so it will do TVI / CVI?
  2. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    If you decorate in future , a suggestion would be to remove a pir (and you feel competent enough) you could drop the cables out of the 12v AUX terminal in the control panel, carry out the works, then when complete reconnect the 12v+
  3. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    wait for your fuse to come, down power your panel - ensure no cables are shorting out reconnect your PIR re-fit blown fuse (check all other fuses with a multimeter & if blown change - ensure you replace with correct size) Power back up, silence alarm & reset
  4. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    I would change your fuse, there is a possibility that if your code doesn't work the panel may of defaulted back to the default code (quite rare for this to happen but not unknown) By the looks of your panel it is a CPX
  5. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    The panel contains NVM - non volatile memory, this should retain all your codes / settings
  6. aissecur

    Old chubb alarm

    I would use a 12volt relay
  7. aissecur

    CCTV pan tilt motor

    could it be a dennard?
  8. aissecur

    Karizma+ questions

    Was it whispering eye?
  9. I'm sure Hikvision have a bullet style camera with motorised zoom lens (you can zoom in & out using the DVR / Phone)
  10. aissecur

    Scantronic 9600 problem

    I would suggest purchase another battery (date it) and see how you get on
  11. aissecur

    Fused spurs

    You don't need to test the full house... If you adding a new circuit to the consumer unit then you would need to carry out a full installation cert for that one circuit you are adding. If you are adding a spur to say a ring main then you can carry out a minor works cert.
  12. aissecur

    Texecom elite flasher woes

    Have you tried ringing texecom technical? (not being funny) but would recommend as they are very helpful (when you eventually get through)
  13. aissecur

    Watchdog reset?

    When you next visit maybe worth taking your multimeter to ensure all the voltages the panel is outputting are correct & within tolerance.. If you have a phone line at the property I seem to think you can remote dial into the panel (Like you can on the 595 / 600 panels), that may help you get a better understanding if your such a log distance away
  14. aissecur

    Gardtec 800 having problems

    I do know if you are entering a code in one keypad then the other keypad will say System in use... Its is possible that the keypads may need relearning, I do know on the 595 / 600 / 601 etc you have to learn each keypad (I think from memory you hold yes / no at each keypad and a number is assigned) Or as what others have suggested, the 800 system is quite old now... Maybe an upgrade may be the best way forward
  15. aissecur

    pyronix conqueror

    Sorry but not default or programming information info is given out on here. If you want to work on the panel yourself you can always contact Pyronix for the manual But as Al-Yeti says its a very old panel and an upgrade would be a good route to take

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