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Guardall Balmoral 5 installers manual


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This alarm is so old no people in the trade are interested... I did hope that someone in this group would help me try and resurrect it however.  (System left offline and dead battery for months.  Now it seems to have lost its parameters.  What's a guy to do?)

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I'm afraid it's a site rule. I have no idea without you going through vetting what you or others would do with the information. Other sites may but we are a group of security professionals doing the right thing not just looking for clicks etc. You may do better asking a specific question 

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4 hours ago, GUYT1 said:

This alarm is so old no people in the trade are interested... 


Go back 15 or 20 years ago, I was telling people it was old tat not worth bothering with & to replace the controls....


IIRC the smart key was no longer available all those years ago ??


Here's a picture of old Vauxhall-




This sorta thing would cost lots more money than the alarm controls, yet if you took it to the vauxhall dealer its very unlikely they would be interested in working on it or have anyone trained to work on it. 


But there is probably a specialist who charges a premium over normal  garages to work on 'em due the knowledge required,


 A few hundred quid on new controls is nothing, also redecorate the hallway  is the keypad  is different size or shape your tight-fisted w@nker ?

Mr th2.jpg Veritas God

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