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Single camera with HDMI

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This is my first time here.
Please lead me to a single outside camera package that I can connect directly to an HDMI input on my television.
When my security light activates, I simply need to monitor an entrance by switching to HDMI source on my TV.

There's no need for a recording studio.

I hope this is clear.


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3 hours ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

HDMI devices need to support HDCP so it's unlikely to find something to support that.

You may find some non security products that would work but really you would need a DVR/NVR or consider analogue options for CCTV.

IP camera with inputs and outputs? Complications tho lol

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6 hours ago, MrHappy said:

Upto 5mp Loop though box with hdmi output would do the job, but a 4 way DVR without a HDD would cost the same !

How will monitor switch auto, need one with auto sensing voodoo hull styler connection

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14 hours ago, MrHappy said:


OP never mentioned auto switching, 

He wants it to switch when light switches right ? So it needs to activate on a signal , so we can change the word sure but it has to automatically activate the screen to camera when it detects a signal from somewhere 



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