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How to connect Hikvision Analogue camera DS-2CE56HOT-ITME to NVR DS-7608NI-K2-8P

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Hi Guys,
I have the NVR DS-7608NI-K2-8P and i have 2 spare ports and i have these Hikvision Analogue camera and i want to use them, so i can use all the ports, so 8 cameras NVR i have, at the moment i am using 6 cameras, so 2 spare ports available.

What is best way of doing it, as my IP camera were just RJ45 plug and play, but i am not sure about this or i can use the CAT 5 to BNC Passive Video Balun Video and Power Converters - 2-Piece RG59 / RJ45 Cat5e.

Do i need to use an encoder and how do you need install the Encoder and can this be fitted inside the junction box of the rear of the camera to hide the encoder and would it be powered by the cat5e cable or i need to run a cable for 12Volt or this item would do the job, as i have 2 camera to connect.

Many thanks







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Hi Guys,

Does this camera DS-2CE56HOT-ITME have the smart detection like Line Detection, Intrusion detection and Motion Detection, as i looked for it and can not seem to find the information.


What Dvr is best to buy for these camera, as i have the 6 cameras and i will give it to my friend, so he was asking if it had smart detection on these cameras.


He will have to purchased Junction Box, DVR, as he already has the BNC cable, as he wants to replace his Defender DVR and the camera he has does not have the Smart detection and he likes the one i have and mine is NVR and the camera has the option of the smart detection like Line Detection, Intrusion detection and Motion Detection.


Many thanks

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Sorry i dont use the brand as ive found it and most others poor in this regard.if your looking for acurate detection look at deepstack, tensorflow etc. Get a tpm and forget using built in functions.

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