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I have a Texecom Premier Elite panel running firmware version 4. I would like to upgrade this to version 5 and need the flasher interface (CDH-0001) to do this. I only have the one panel to do this so I wondered if anyone had the interface that they could loan or sell to me. It seems a bit OTT to buy a new one for this one-off job?

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2 hours ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

Maybe someone local can flash the panel for you.

Or you could buy one and sell it as above.


3 hours ago, MrHappy said:

buy 1 then flog it on ebay....


I expect you to get most of your £ back ?

I thought it was expensive kit , then....





£28 odd quid cheap , strange to call it OTT

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10 hours ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

It is wasteful to buy something to use once.

Another option is you swap your panel out for a V5 one and sell your current panel.

Is there a reason for the V5 firmware?

Thanks I agree the intention is to avoid wastefulness as you have alluded to. I’m inclined to update as I believe V5 can be updated online in future (I have Smartcom) without the need to keep removing the front panel cover. 

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It is not something that you would regularly update, firmware on panels would normally only be updated if you need a particular feature or bugfix.

The Smartcom has it's own firmware that updates via app. Remote panel firmware updates have to be done via Texecom Cloud which is registered installers only.

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