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CCTV Test monitor recommendations


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I looking to buy a new cctv test monitor. Was looking at this Chinese one, anyone got a option on these :


We mainly install hik but need to be ready for most things like most people

Any other recommendations for around the same price point? 

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Those seem to be the popular ones at the moment rebranded by a good few places.

Lots of different models of the same thing due to the optional features so make sure it's got all the features you need.

You can buy them cheaper direct from China but consider that you may struggle with any returns if faulty down the road compared with buying from a wholesaler.

Seen a few listed as for parts and not working on ebay in the past, so I would be wanting to consider warranty period.

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47 minutes ago, Leemh99 said:

Would probably be handy I guess :)


This one seems like It will do the job and at a pretty decent price



Mine is similar but also has the TDR and DVM built in 

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