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Only when a fault is going to take more than a half hour to fix on an obsolete panel, thats when you have the throwing good money after bad, i'm going to need paid for my time regardless if i can get this old scrapper going or not conversation. 

Unless the thing was unsafe in tems of fire/ electrocution risk, then the fuse holder gets hidden.

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I would make the customer aware that the system is obsolete on each visit or service but if the system is fully operational its up to them.

If not fully operational its time to speak to the customer about options.

Would only condemn something if it is no longer fit for purpose or unsafe and for that reason I would take the system out of service there and then not condemn it.

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6 hours ago, scrimshanker said:

So you don't condemn something like a cd95 panel just because it's obsolete and no long supported by the manufacturer

No, why would you, similar to a garage condemning a car because they are no longer made.


As I say chug away until there is an issue then document and report, that's all you are paid to do.

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