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After some help chaps.

I am quoting a site with off site monitored cctv and using a Hik NVR, this isn't my problem.

The problem is I am proposing to put a 5m column 100m from the main building with a wireless bridge to connect to the PTZ. There is not going to be any ground works on site as there is already 240v at the PTZ location, it's in the middle of a farm type area.

Now I need a tanoy on the column. Question is how do I transmit the Audio over the wireless bridge??

I have no problem fitting a 2nd amp at the column but don't want my ARC having two IP addresses for the audio. As the whole site needs one audio source.

Any ideas appreciated.

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1 hour ago, james.wilson said:

you can but that's per channel audio. Ive done it using the audio out and a powered horn, but wont work well with an arc afaik

We have done this on a monitored site and had to tell the arc which cameras had the horns. We had 6 cameras in a rectangle car compound with a horn on every other camera.

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