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Gigaset (Was Siemens) Ip300 Voip Dect


Got myself a Gigaset (was Siemens) IP300 VoIP Dect setup, and liking it so far.


The only thing where it falls down is that whilst you can have 6 completely different SIP accounts, the 'advanced SIP settings' are GLOBAL!


So where I have used sipgate for one of the lines as a trial, the slightly odd settings they use would probably upset other providers.


That's a real shame as I could otherwise have got myself totally free out-of-area incoming lines with sipgate (i.e Bristol no's and Bath no's)


However, sipgate basic won't transfer in so I couldn't keep my old number...


Also, the IVR capability is virtually non existant, but, I have been toying with the idea of getting a separate 'out of ours number' which the Siemens

would redirect appropriately, so this would be the only phone ringing out-of-hours.


Hard to know what to do really, pay a bit more for the Voip service, use IVR, and make the other phones act as 'extensions', or try and use

the functionality of the unit a bit more...

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I am reluctant to buy any more hardware at this stage or rely on a server, the 3cx looked good but only works

with the pro version of the Gigaset, the 510 - and the 510 doesn't directly support an analogue trunk which was going

to be great for ringing through to the house for OOH calls (mobile coverage is pants at home).


I'm sure I will sort something out and 'go pro' in the future.

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