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Do a Phall when feeling ambitious.

Cook a great Lamb Curry myself. Infact just been discussing with some friends about having a "Compare and Tasting Night" in the local. The guvnor and her husband ( :D) are thinking of a cook off/tasting thing on a Sunday. With themed nights, such as puds or starters ect.

But lamb is a great meat, as it absorbs the flavours and is tender.

A really good curry is made with goat.

I do like cooking, even considering doing a night school chef thingy. I think I`m good, but know I am on the verges of even basic stuff when you take it up a notch.

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Yea cooking aint that easy when theres a lot going on.

Favorite meat is beef, especially roast dinner. But i dont care how rong it is i have mint sauce with it!

Well bed time for me, got a week off! Kids keep getting me up early tho!

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Duck and Pork, all win in a chinese.

Perfected loin of pork, I doubt some do much better. But Duck always alludes me. Either not crispy but overcooked, or too cooked and crispy.  Best is and I know it is fusion, pink meat and crispy skin.

Got to be a way of doing it like that. Just too expensive to mess with !

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