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Im trying to set my IP phones up on a seperate network. My ISP gives me 8No. fixed IP addresses and i have a Netgear router which feeds a managed Procurve POE switch, this in turn feeds a Dlink switch. I hoped to use the Dlink for computers and the Procurve for the POE phones. @ the moment i have everything on the same network :(


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Vlans would sort the problem, they do however introduce other problems.


Firstly you would/should have an alternate subnet for the 2 vlans to run on.  Which means you have to introduce inter vlan routing which can be 'challenging'.


Secondly, you are also better introducing a QOS policy to ensure the VOIP traffic gets a better level of service.


You should be able to do most of this from the web config screen of the switch, know what to do is of course the problem.  Getting a decent techie would be the best bet, but make sure they are decent.



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Erm, I don;t really understand your post, but was it aimed at me?


Also just noticed the OP was in Feb. So pretty pointless really.

It was aimed at Jeff Stan Ive removed the posts as they are not relevant to the topic

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